Separating a mix of THC, thcA, terps 43%/43%/14%

Anyone separate a mix of D9-THC, thcA, terps 43%/43%/14% (approximate ratios). Looking to separate the thcA that is still in solution when the THC to thcA ration is high

Distill off the terps under high vac, dissolve in ethanol, use basic chemistry…


Best way I know how is LLE but I’m not a real chemist. I was able to use basic pH water (KOH) and heptane to separate the acidic cannabinoids from the neutrals, then titrate citric acid solution into the polar layer to separate the acidic cannabinoids from the water. Clean heptane again to pick up these goodies and that was it.


I would hazard a guess that many of the candidates for “Medusa” could also be used…


Try to fraction it with some silica. Won’t get perfect separation but it’ll tighten the ratio significantly except d9 and thca will probably elute the same


That’s a really dope sop but pain in the ass Fs

Get your hands on a CO2 extractor and fractionally extract each item although I’ve never tried extracting from an extract :thinking:

That doesn’t actually work tho

I wouldn’t give to many details…you‘’ll scare them….

Looking around at this $1,000,000 worth of stainless closed loop and C1D1 regulatory equipment and licenses….
You are proposing 3 plastic 50 gallons HDPE barrels a paddle and some KOH and vinegar…sounds like Olives…and food prep???

Shhh……let the lion sleep a bit more….

“Tastes like shit”…but gets you high as a RAT ….”too speedy.”.
“Oh, I like the carcinogenic terps”….
They settle down a bit…once they find it hard to talk and think…

Best thing to say: “oh it’s made with water…so its a little weak”
“You have to take 3 good hits from the vape bowl….to sort of get high”….let them figure out what “sort of” means in “water world”.