Seed to sale tracking software

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Does anyone have any information or recommendations regarding Seed-to-sale tracking software?


You’re in the right place!
OLCC / Metrc Approved Integrator List (PDF) for a place to start looking


@trellis or @trellisgrows I think it’s called. But they are pricey…

Mod Edit: Trellis - in Toronto, Canada and Oakland USA



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I can help you make a blockchain version of cannverify if you are interested.


what I believe is needed is a LIMS that interacts with the state mandated CTS. and understands in-house and 3rd party analytics. ideally it would help with formulation math too.

so far nothing I’ve seen comes close to understanding how extraction needs to be documented. as far as Biotrack or METRC are concerned, extraction is “repackaging” cannabis.

no where to track the SOP, the solvent, time, temp, or efficiency. You formulated? cool, how much does it weigh? not, “what did you dilute it with?”, or “can I store the diluent batch number for you?”. METRC doesn’t even want to know where you put it once you’re done extracting. how TF is that “tracking” the cannabis?!?

I’ve see plenty of POS systems, and even decent grow side implementations. Has anybody seen even a rudimentary solution for extractors?



@thenicestdab: METRC is not for us, its for them.

Marijuana Enforcement Tracking Reporting Compliance. capisce?

once the cannabis is sold, they flush the data from the public interface. won’t work for your accountants. you need something that will interact with it.

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I mentioned in a very similar thread Producer/Processor Software Opportunity - #5 by sidco that erpnext has the ability to do advanced warehouse tracking and labeling, with the super duper sweet ability to jot down api calls for 3rd party software such as METRIC.

In theory this could do all your accounting, warehouse management, even POS sales while keeping METRC happy with the bs “tracking” they require.

The API stuff is easy, I bet $3000 would get a complete build out from a dev for an end-to-end system.


I went all the way through that list.

Found maybe 1/2 dozen that were worth following up on from a Processor’s stand point.

Flourish is the best I’ve seen so far. it’s not spectacular, but seems to do almost everything I’d have built in if I had the skills/time to roll a solution myself…and a bunch of other stuff that would be useful to folks doing more than just extracting.

not done with call-backs or demo’s yet.

Edit: LeafLogix also looks like a contender. Demo scheduled Monday.

Im an oil manufacturer and use Trellis kind of. We only kind of use it because it horrible. There are so many issues. Only go with Trellis if you are in cultivation or have no other options. Feel free to message me and we can discuss my experience offline.

I had a demo from a Canadian company: They produce software for large-scale food processing and manufacture, and are interested in the cannabis industry. Recipe management, ingredients lot tracking, recall management, etc. Their rep did a phone demo with live computer link that worked quite well to show off the structure and features. Depending on how they focus development, they might be good for us manufacturers.

I’ve used leafLogix for over a year and their support sux. We use biotrack for our state system and leaf always broke communication. We had our own internal erp developer create an internal system for seed to sale. Works excellent from cultivation thru dispensary and across multiple states. Easy to work with too.

Having the programmer internally should be a major plus. Even though I suck as a programmer, I’ve done enough DB work to know that there needs to be an iterative feedback from the users to get it right. And “right” will change over time as the users get more sophisticated.

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This is exactly what this thread is looking for. How did it turn out?

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So far excellent! We’re able to see everything and trace items backwards to starting plant. Quite honestly I feel this has better tracking than our state system. We have weekly state inspectors that come in to verify our accuracy and have had no trouble since the move from leaflogix. I wouldn’t recommend using that program. It does work, but communication errors are a nightmare in highly regulated states like I am in.


Can I ask what your ERP dev chose to base your internal system on?
Obviously, there is a market for the work he/she did.

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Flourish Software. Supply chain and inventory management system fully integrated to METRC. Cultivation, Manufacturing/Processing, Distribution.

Package creation / Production - Calculate yield, assign METRC package tag, data inputs (duration, temp, pressure, equipment code, employee initials).

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@cyclopath did you ever find a software solution? I’m thinking of going with Flourish, but wanted to ask you first since you mentioned it in a previous post. Thanks!