Seed selection: outdoor 2021, who has some early finishing genetics

What are you guys thinking?

Let me hear it.

Going to link some of my choices here shortly…
will continue to edit…

I am focusing on early finishing strains next season…

My top choices:

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I’m trying to get my hands on some stuff with SE Asian genetics, the KKSC strawberry cough cut in particular. I’d like to reverse that to a few things that aren’t very PM resistant/aren’t suited to the Oregon outdoor climate(PBB, Sundae Driver, etc)



Would be bad ass…

The one Gmo cross I have this year (Gmo x grape pie from cannarado)is the slowest vegging and flowering plant of all of them lol


You haven’t grown OGKB then. Never seen anything like that one. Most unruly cannabis genetics I have ever tangled with.


I have not!

And this Gmo cross has been easy to keep healthy the whole time, just doesn’t like being trained/doesn’t respond, slow vegging and also progressing very slow in flower…

I have 2 phenos going and both are very similar…

The leaf structure is wild on both of them (I will grab some pics of them tomorrow)


I liked the han solo better, but both were pretty solid from what I’ve tried

I picked up some han solo burger LR from a rec company in my area about a week ago. I really enjoyed it…

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I want to bump this thread, adjusted the title a little bit.

Who has some known early finishing genetics in seed form? 8 weeks or less (I understand phenos vary, obv.)

Not super interested in autos tbh…

Doing my homework and looking through all breeders on seed websites, but a chunk/majority of the seeds don’t have flowering times listed…

So far kosher zkittles is going to be the majority of what I start due to them saying it has a pretty steady 50 day flowering time with most phenos

Got some others right at 8 weeks I’m thinking about too, but really hoping to get some community input before I make a large purchase

Just found these that look solid


I know you said your not interested in autoflower but look into ‘’ fast ‘’ seeds a few companies sell them now , its usally an auto crossed with a photoperiod. I’ve done my own the last few years and works great ,depending on which photo is in the cross they finish pretty early. if your trying to hunt for a pheno and make a mom the only issue is you might have to run the lights 20+ hours in order to keep her from flowering

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I have a strawburry sour d pheno that is done in a week from now and she’s got thick long colas that are dense and stanky


That sound nice, love the yields of the sour d


Looks like it’ll hit 2lbs easily and plants aren’t taller than 4’6”


Like one of those cuts, sour d is always a great yielder. Running a sour d cut now to see if its like the old aj’s cut i use to have.

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We ran delicious seeds early versions and they did phenomenal in Michigan with a September harvest :ok_hand:t2: Feminized seeds with little variation from seed to seed.

CBG clones induce flowering if root bound or shortening the light cycle.

Are there true CBG autoflowers other than Cannabiogen for an early harvest?

I ran Jack Frost a few runs back & it was suppppper slow

My choices for next season so far:

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Hell yeah, b.o.g. shit looks so, so nice