Seed Giveaway: Exclusive In-House Genetics From A New Southern Oregon Breeder

I’ve been learning as much as possible about breeding cannabis and have been cultivating in-house strains for the past 2 years.

It’s difficult to find information on how to breed and understand inheritance, selection, and variation in cannabis. The resources I’ve been using to learn so far:

I’ve just harvested seeds from a new THC strain and want help from expert growers to try the seeds and give me your feedback and criticism. The strain is called 9 Pound Purp.

Father Plant: 9 lb Hammer

  • 9 Pound Hammer is an indica created by JinxProof Genetics that crosses Gooberry, Hells OG, and Jack the Ripper. These dense buds are coated in resin, offering sweet grape and lime flavors.
  • Genetics came from a southern Oregon farm who maintain a very strong 9 LB Hammer genetic.

Mother Plant: Purple Cookies

  • Purple Cookies is a delectable indica-dominant strain that packs incredible flavor into its dense, medium-sized nugs. Hailing from parents, Animal Cookies and Purple Punch, Purple Cookies is the perfect strain for anyone with a compelling sweet tooth.
  • Genetics came from Green Point Seeds

This unique f1 hybrid of 9 lb Hammer and Purple Cookies, “9 Pound Purp”, is an exclusive StayAway Strain only available from our farm.

To Enter The Giveaway

  • Please reply to this thread with your best tip about breeding, or your favorite resource (book, course, video, etc) which teaches about breeding.
  • The Top 5 Liked Posts receive a 10 pack of regular seeds on 1/31.

A few more exclusive strains and unique f1 hybrids of THC, CBD, and CBG are available from our new site. Our mother and father plants have been sourced from southern Oregon farms and this forum.


Murphy’s law of growing:

The bean you saved and didn’t pop was the keeper.


The Sinsemilla Technique by Kayo has always been a favorite.



Best advice I can give.


Breeding in 2021: cross 2 hype strains and start a seed company

And are you the same person as @Selzier?


Best book: ‘cannabis breeders bible’ by Greg green. Anything really that discusses Mendle’s law of inheritance

Best tip: utilize and pick from large genetic stocks. That special plant is 1:1000(+)


Cannabis Breeding Book Guide: Your Book Guide to Breeding the Best Cannabis Strain by Emily Moore Rnd

Fresh of the press last May, excellent read.

I’m happy to buy these seeds if I’m not a winner.


This case is the legal precedent behind the way that seed companies can basically screw everybody:

Damages must be foreseesble is the rule, and that has been applied as you only get to sue the seed company for the cost of the seeds purchased, not all of your other related expenses. That’s why the seed companies can be so shady. There is hardly any legal liability for them.

That’s my tip about seeds: the law protects the seed company, not you.


It takes alot of work making a true breed strain. You gotta have the best mix of male to female ratio when popping seeds. How dense the nugs come out. The smells each pheno produces. The way the plant does in veg and how well it deals with stress, topping and defoliation. How soon the breed will finish and how well it takes the nutes you throw at it. Anyone can breed a couple of lovers but to actually create a stable consistent strain is hard. Especially if you want to make claims of exactly how it performs. The perfect strain will take all the stress and training you throw at it in veg and will grow bushy, tall and quick. The ratio of female to male when flipped will tip towards female. Stretch will be moderate and equal between all phenos. Nugs will be tight. The smell between each plant will be consistent. Finish time will be as close to 8-9 weeks as possible. If you can produce this its the sign of a good, caring breeder.



Keep cuts of everything until you’ve smoked each female and progeny tested each male.


I’m gonna go retro on you…
Anyone remember Sinsemilla tips magazine?

This predated Ed Rosenthal. I believe…

Got my first SSSC catalogs in the early 80s.
I had the first of many amazing strains. Elite genetics.
My weed blew people’s minds.I Was very infamous unwantingly so…

First indoor lights. Horizontal hps and metal halide in one ballast and hood! Geotechnical… still have instructions and light! lol
STM was the first magazine that took indoor growing serious. Professional articles showing different growth with different spectrum lighting and new bulbs designed for indoor growing. Indoor growing was an anomaly in the 790s.

Sinsemilla tips Magazine was very underground compared to High Times. A rare find.
Also articles taught us How to paint brush pollen on one limb.

Biggest takes from sinsemilla tips magazine is what environmental dna informational seed keeps as internal data. running generations of seeds allows stable growing and consistent generational improvements in stable strains.
This is my mindset. I’m not the guy concerned about the latest foo foo name strain. The Universes intelligence is something to tap into and be a part of. Planting and growing continuous generations of the classic strains is fun to me.

Moving after 30 yrs. Will be outdoor growing in an alluvium marsh. Looking forward to playing dr Frankenstein and will make monsters!


Mix male pollen with corn starch 5:1- it will store in the freezer for a couple years. Pull it out and apply with a paint brush when you want to knock up that special lady.


Putting a bunch of elite/hype strain in a tent with a random untested male you found in 1 pk of seeds does not make you a breeder.

Also not sure who needs to hear this but a seeded grow does not = and seed co.

Stop pollen chucking…


I dont have any tips, just a meme. My poor attempt at it anyway.


Back cross and continue to do so until you have a stable set of genetics.

Telling consumers that it’s mom is purple cookies and it’s dad is 9 lb hammer does no good unless you can also tell them what kind of phenotypes they can expect and their offspring don’t pop a bunch of bananas. I noticed you are selling a F1 hybrid with no information about the cross besides some basic info on the parents. Have you grown any yourself? If so what did you see, phenotypes, smells, growth patters, resistances, yields, etc… if you really want to be a successful seed company you should take that to at least F3 before going to market, otherwise your genetics are going to be all over The place.

I think someone said this but the cannabis breeders bible is a good resource, but get a textbook on plant breeding if you really want to know what’s going on at a higher level.

Lastly, journal and document everything you do and label every plant. Take a lot of pictures as well


@SubstituteCreature - throw your hat in the ring since I know you love 9lb Hammer.


That guy needs more sex

“I don’t always breed”

Maybe he thinks he bragging


I do motherfucking love my 9lb and I can make that bitch dance for sure. I’m not a breeder but here’s a cola bigger than my dick. I would have posted the .25g cola that is closer to my actual size but our eyes only can take so much strain. Either way my recipe for success was 85f, shit tons of co2 and tons of air flow. Did not like it as much with my normal room conditions that the other girls were liking at the time, but this broad is a fucking killer and likes to be challenged. I still have fat motherfucking trich heads 2 wks into drying and I can barely do as much as touch the fucking thing without feeling like i’m in a maple syrup bath.



Marine Corps boot camp, ganja style! Run the toughest Veg cycle possible once those puppies have some stalk strength. Switch up different parameters, at different times, at random throughout the weeks. You will lose some starts, these are the undesirables, let them pass. The few that remain after “Boot Camp” will be your starting point. If you can afford to do this too during early Flower stages, you will be left with only the strongest genetics. :+1:
Darwin’s Theory mixed with Military demand for excellence… never fails imo :face_with_monocle: