Thats just not true. Killa flys the badge but it is defunct and the reason was TT.

thanks for bringing this up. Open to ideas from members how we as a community can run cannayelp without it being a complete shit show / pay to win system. I’ll go as far as tagging it with flame thread but as mentioned this is not the place for these disputes, even though threads can still happen in the EC.

This thread at least is EC material. We can test out the scammer group but it feels like… we should let a legal system prove they’re guilty than give them a tag and condemn them to business death on google. If we have a tagging system like this I propose a minicourt, or trying to mediate not in a public thread, and even then how do we say what’s fair. 15k and over a year undelivered then it gets a public thread? It just seems too arbitrary.

The calls for violence are crazy. Stop talking about killing and hurting people, over money no less. Be better than that. Remember that it is one of our only rules.


God forbid we tarnish a scammers’ reputation and stop them from swindling thousands more from unsuspecting small business owners.

I’m all for justice, but when that interferes with an individual’s ability to feed their addiction I draw the line…


Can of worms

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There are scammers, often the only accounts actively suspended from the system. If a deal goes sour does that mean we blacklist a person? How sour does it have to get? Theres a slippery slope of rules to figure out. Just take the Verified Vendor tag. I can walk around your lab all day but if I am not actively testing every part of your process and it’s found out you’re using some material that is later found to be bad for people, even if you had 0 knowledge, the entire system is useless nothing my vetting did was helpful in that case. It just becomes a pay to win system. I asked very nicely for suggestions on how to make this system run, you gave back another reply with no suggestions. try harder @Franklin


This has been an issue from day one. Remember trueterpenes? I recall future giving an emphatic endorsement to that company when all he apperantly did was show up and look at their lab.

There has always been a degree of pay for play. No further argument is needed beyond the fact that @Cheebachiefextracts was a verified consultant. Lol.


@Killa12345 flies the premium vendor badge

Seems @future is the only one holding the verified consultant badge which seems a lil communist. If ur gonna take it away take urself off too? Just saying why only him almost a monopoly here w it like that to be honest I hate to be the one to point it out

I’ll take full fault for people being in groups they shouldnt be… We need to take it away from everyone or make it a fair system. Harder said than done and still remain legit. We just stopped using it and removed everyone involved and didn’t take the time to dismantle or reimplement the system.


I apologize then good sir… You’ve always been nothing but.fair and heard me out for anything I’ve asked. :green_heart::facepunch:


The world is a crazy place… I know personally that people respond better to violence… You can’t control a bunch of crazy fuckers with out being crazy yourself.


I do remember true terpenes, and I’m upset more people don’t.

I’m glad some things appear to have changed since then, but the fact is both Future and true terps were fucking lucky the vitamin e scandal happened soon after

TT never killed anyone, but they definitely abused the community trust. They were just lucky that the vitamin E boys ran over a crowd soon after their fuckery was laid bare.

that’s more of a totalitirian vibe I’m not gonna lie lol

The thing that I remember most about the TT debacle was future angrily declaring that ICmag was a terrible community because they didn’t trust his cheerleader antics, and directing people to, where people were more friendly to him… and then @greywolf ended that thread with his testing results.

Shameful times.


Something akin to a self regulating professional association , where your peer certified , seems like the best way to move forward (if any forward movement is made)

I originally thought of this when discovering how tough it was to find an expert witness for a court case where cannabis was at stake. The self regulating professional association was the only way I could think to reliably find experts for a court of law, which may serve a similiar purpose for what we are discussing here.

As a side note, I see being an expert witness in most phases of the industry being a viable way to supplement ones income if not now in the future. There will be a ton of lawsuits involved in the space.

Either regulate your selves or someone is going to.


Being in the middle of it and can confirm by looking through my history I was skeptical going in to the verified system and honestly dont think anyone was being harmful. Thats the magic of a system like this and how arbitrary it is. You can have the best of intentions all around and still be paving the road to hell. If anything I am proud the community was able to figure that out on a technical level and the drama was high but manageable to still reach a conclusion.
The target is ever moving, and you cant stamp certain things and just call it good. It takes meticulous follow up or some serious bullshittery, IE google and yelp reviews.
I have messaged every major testing lab on here and offered for them to be a ring of testing labs that independently test but share results publicly (and create some kind of ranking system around that). No takers. If it doesn’t get simpler than that with one step between an unknown product and an agreed upon result idk what is.
I am open at this point to create the broken system on another domain for the purpose of fine tuning it in a transparent public manor.
It’s hard to be a central entity and still claim to be a peer system. I try hard here and am called out on it constantly for good reason, even though it really is members doing most the ‘regulation’.

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I’m not a Verified Consultant by choice. I must’ve broken something, because I can’t actually see that group anymore when I search for it

But am somehow still a member of it. And I’m a member of all of the groups I start because I don’t know how to hand off the ownership of them

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I’d like the verified trapper badge


I’ve posted screen shots of future saying it himself, TT wasn’t a verified consultant. They were a vendor, the badges got taken when we were in Yerington which was a year after the TT thing


Straight out of the horses mouth

But what do I know



Honestly I am getting the Vendor and Consultant badges mixed up. You are correct that the consultant issue happened after the vendor issue. It’s the same smoothie in my mind.


I take blame for it, you are the ‘founder’ of that group so even after we remove all members you still have the tag. Its a system problem. If you are the only verified member on here I’m cool with it lol.
I honestly dont think TT was flat out lying where BnW demonstrably was. But it was enough to nix the verified system imo.

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Rename it something cooler

Is this a joke? This suggests I would need to sue Rowan over ~800 to get him marked as a scammer on future4200.

Rowan, whom I have only ever had interactions as a result of this website.(You can find the thread that started my transaction with the scammer), a man without a legitimate business stands to lose nothing from your proposed “google barrage of reviews”. Rowan, a scammer, like those that seems to feed off this website, will not be identified by a legal system before taking thousands and thousands.

Someone asked me why, since I have a contract, I didn’t pursue it further. Two reasons, I learned after the fact who Rowan was (unfortunately there was no easy access to this information. It seems these kinds of threads get trash canned for some unknown reason.). What is there to take from someone living out of their van? Am I to make him homeless? No.

I don’t start drama, thats why i didn’t feel any need to add to the seemingly community-understood aspect that @Rowan, is a giant piece of shit gaming anyone and everyone he can.

I regret I didn’t post sooner, some 6 months ago now when I gave up on that trash can of a person. The money I lost was insignificant, but had I, maybe @Swedward710 wouldn’t be out a substantial sum. Who knows how many others have been fucked by Rowan and others as a result of this forum.

It’s fine though. You got your handies.

“we should let a legal system prove they’re guilty” - Joke4200