Sauce / live resin carts


Spun Son, that’s how it’s done.
So join the fun and get thee one.

(Or three: Spin, and Spin, and Spin again... they are very versatile toys)


Fuck doing my laundry, I’m turning it into a fuge now


Rent a fuge for a few quarters in town




Contemplating on welding a basket for a panda
Having only some sintered stainless 2” high at the botom plate and a decent liquid cover
Yust to revive the panda that apparatus deserves it


Did you end up successfully using this for live resin carts?
If so post the final product, that looks amazing!

Thanks. It went into disposables that you couldn’t even see how beautiful it was, but you didn’t have to see it :wink:

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lol big spoon I just went on a 30 minute tangent on my live resin vape sop on those 8 words.

are you decarbing your live resin before placing into carts? If so, are you separating the thca and decarboxylating that, then reintroducing the HTE after for carts? Been noticing the thca has been getting dense, like “dessert glass” and was difficult for someone to fill carts by hand and not the machine that hits over 200F and my thoughts of lost terps. As a smoker, I personally enjoy just a fast crash of fresh frozen at a low temp and carting. The higher hit of “stone” from decarbing the thca and making the carts “clear” as some folks want. Is obvious from increasing that THC, but the loss of flavour is sad to myself. Have tried in many carts and trying ceramic atm, but finding the thca to be very dense after a true quick decarb. I just want a nice tasting, clear cart from fresh frozen as others want. yet im just a smoker and like it placed in murky and fresh, even if the terps seperate to the top of the cart when not smoked fast enough.

I was curious before learning as I was thrown into something quick one day. Fresh Frozen, placed into a cryofreezer for just over 24hrs in columns, then blasted. poured into a pyrex and simply stirred with a glass stick, sealed and left in a vac oven at 83F and next day, crushed and whipped the thca and hte, then vac purged at -12Hg and 83F for 20hrs. Tested with only 82PPM of NButane. shocked the heck out of me as there’s a lot to be learned from a non scholar and riding off of certain threads back then. Tech is constantly changing and am fortunate to be able to have this thread from the majority that post experience and educated data, rather than the lots of backyard tech’s adding their guesses lol One day I wont be so much of a guesser as I cant always win the lottery lol Depending on the strain and temp of cook off, has shown me variables of viscosity. im not a blaster,…

yeah the good ones are always broken though…

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I have a good amount of experience with live resin carts, but I am bumping up production. I separate all my THCa and my HTE and then reintroduce after separate decarb. Everything works perfect and carts look great, but then after carts sit for a week there is a small ring of oxidation at the bottom of the cart. Does anyone have any experience witgh this and what causes it, and possible solutions? Appreciate any help, feel free to DM me

Sounds like it’s interacting with your carts…I suggest trying different hardware.

Yea i thought same thing. But we have also had results in same hardware with no oxidation. I appreciate the response.

Do you have a temp that you like to decarb HTE at? I like to keep low and also under pressure to retain terpene flavor

Are people decarbing their HTE? Ive just been purging and reintroducing, with no issues so far.


Yes, I need to decarb my HTE. If I dont, then machine I use to fill carts doesnt work and weigh out correctly. It will be full of bubbles and have issues.

Which could be a variation in the hardware…manufacturer gets it (closer to) right some of the time.

I hear ya. I also see that the decarbed THCa has an oxidized layer on top of it when waiting to be used for products. I see this in distillate as well. Is there anything else I can do to prevent this?