Saturation point of Coconut Oil

Hello I was wondering if anyone had any input or experiences they could share regarding the saturation point of Coconut oil

I run an edible company and I use fresh coconut oil to clean the quart jars of distillate that is stuck to the inside of the jar

Today Ive had around 20 jars to do and I started with 1500ml of coconut oil and Ive claimed around 150g of distillate out of jars and it seems a lot less effective than when I first started (of course) but I was wondering if there was an absolute point that it will accept no more THC.

So we are at about 10% right now and that seems low


10% does seem low. But that’s based on my experience with other oils. MCT, and cannola specifically.

I built a prototype cannola “parts washer” for the same purpose.

edit: having read it again, I suspect you’re hoping to use those reclaimed cannabinoids. So the parts washer is less relevant. I’m going to posit that you should be able to hit 20% without seeing a decrease in efficiency if you heat it up to about 45-50C (nice and warm, not too hot to touch). I admit that I’m guessing wildly :wink:

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Is 30-45% too much i would think you could get more i made some tinctures for personal use thay were about half n half coconut oil to shatter with no problem

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