Dishwashing as therapy?

We already have a couple of glassware washing threads

Cleaning Glassware


Hello! / Cleaning Oversized Glassware

but this is a little different, & I’d like some feedback on the concept.

Presumably we all have lots of mason jars that have had cannabinoids in them, how do you get them clean so you can use them again? (you’re not tossing them are you?)

How about a recirculating warm canola oil bath?

The simplest implementation is to add a heating pad to the reservoir on a cheap recirculating parts washer.

I looked at the washers harbour freight offered, and decided they were too cheaply built to bother with. So I re-purposed some bits and pieces I had lying around for my prototype: pump, beer keg, kitchen sink, BVV heating pad & controller.

Sit the dirty jars in the sink (which drains into the keg), direct solvent stream (pumped from keg up through the faucet) into the jar. wander off for a bit. come back to oily, but no longer sticky jar. move jar or faucet to direct stream into a new jar. at the end of day, throw jar(s) in an actual dishwasher to clean & sanitize.

How does this count as therapy?

If you get in there and scrub, the sticky comes off faster. If you don’t wear gloves, your hands are bathed in warm cannabinoid laden oil. Just the warm oil is helpful to get arthritic hands moving of a morning. adding cannabinoids to the mix might even make dishwashing a sought after activity (that was my hope :slight_smile: )

As a proof of concept, the above device absolutely made clean-up of used mason jars easier…but it wasn’t enough to get funding for a defunct commercial dishwasher to convert to an oil based “pre-washer”.

What do I do with the cannabinoid infused canola once it’s too saturated to do it’s job? I run my Mercedes on WVO, so I figured I’d “incinerate” it…(after filtering and possibly dewatering).


Bump. Nobody wants to do dishes huh?

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I’ve been using vegetable oils for cleaning gear pumps and WFE bodies for awhile, it does a pretty good job. Never used it to clean my round bottoms and jars though

It would actually be really interesting to see such a device. Who hasn’t thought about dumping ISO into a dishwasher and seeing if it blows up… vegetable oil would be a decent alternative

You guys ever use hot steam? We have a steam wand that literally will melt the tar out of a rbf!


sounds terrifying in the wrong hands.

what happens to the tar after you’ve melted it?

I like to repuropse the empty 5 gal acetone cans into waste cans. The tar goes in one. A few people have been burned through careless use, I recommend the steam safe ove glove!

Heat guns, paper towels, alcohol, and time. I only use ethanol for cleaning stuff that will hold finished product to be inhaled.