Saran Wrap tech

Hello guys. I have been trying the Saran wrapped Pyrex tech for growing crystals but it seems like the gas is evaporating too fast. CLS extracted at -30 and dewaxed. It just stays as a sap. I have plenty experience growing diamonds in jars but due to regulatory issues that is not an option for me. Neither is backfilling an oven. Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated.

not even sugar? sap is usually high terpene low thc or even high cbd

how did you dewax?


Sometimes sap needs to be seeded to initiate crash.


buy some diamond miners.

also I have a pressurized oven for sale 10k. Backfill to 50 psi, temp range of -25 to 200 c with a polyscience ad15 hooked up to it


I have a px1. So an hour, sometimes overnight, in the in-line dewax column

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flush your dewaxing column with extra butane that is chilled to -30 c or colder to get all your thca out. you could be leaving goodies behind

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You could be filtering out THCa by accidentally letting it crash in your Dewax column by leaving it in there too long.


I’ve been trying to find a pressurized oven but can’t find a company that sells them. What company is yours made by? Thanks!

He made it @Perceptionchange

Edit he can make u one too!

I have it brand new in storage now. Pair it with a polyscience advanced digital 15L for 15k.

Feel free to dm or ask me anything else on here

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