Salvia divinorum

Does anyone have any experience with “Salvia Divinorum” ?


If by being stuck in a wall that was also a canoe for the rest of my life counts as experience, then yes


I was laughing uncomfortably in horror because it felt like I was inside what I can only describe as, “being inside a gorilla suit.”

I told my girlfriend about it, she says you felt yourself inside your skin and that was your skin suit and I can’t think about it for too long cause it still bugs me the fuck out.


How long did the experience last? What dosage did you take? What form did it come in?

40x took a big rip of a fresh bowl and held it in until my vision started to vibrate

Lasted 10 min? Hard to judge. Could have been 5
It was a similar look to catnip but it was dark

I did it a few times it gets crazier every time. Each time was some sort of death experience and being trapped forever
First time I was stuck and was under the floor of the room everyone was in. And when I tried to renter the room / reality I folded back into myself / the floor and I was made out of wooden floorboards

Second time I was in a wheel like a giant hot wheels loop and I was spinning over and over in it at a high speed

Third time I was half way in the wall in a canoe and I was stuck again forever

Fourth time I was at the end of civilization and I was just part of like metal scrap and wires pile and there were giant robots or big mechanical machines like crushing everything

Last time I did it in the passenger seat of a car and the window was a portal into my real life like I was getting dropped off into the real world and everything that my life was previously was just the ride to my new world that I was set to live in forever I had like a family or something waiting for me

The reality is you’re just laying there tweaking drooling on yourself while everyone laughs at you


Sounds scary as fuck


8 mins. Came as an herb in a vial with instructions.

Torched it on top of a bowl pack and held it in until I couldn’t any more and let it out and my friend who was babysitting my first trip put on a song we chose as soon as I exhaled which intensified everything.

I never did Salvia ever again afterwards.

It was very uncomfortable.


Yes its awful every time

The holding it in or rehitting it until your vision vibrates was key for a ride to hell

There was a lot of repeating and mechanical aspects to it. Like patterns or things just repeating over and over and over. And also being stuck forever those were true to the trip each time if you went deep enough or at least in my experience. I kept giving it another shot but they got worse each time


Fuck this one time, i was a litteral rock pillar next to the ocean, i just watched the tide rise and fall and felt like 2 or 3 hour trip but was really 5 min.
Its mind blowing to be something else or see yourself in the 3rd person.

I was the pillar and felt the water, creatures, plants and bugs all over me at once.

Another time i was soaring across the ocean and was able to control waves like poseidon, there was a fan in front of me on full blast and my buddies thought it would be a good idea to spritz some water to fuck with me, somehow it actually turned out to be a fun trip.

One of my friends went to a wild trip, she thought she was a tiger in the jungle and was litterly jumping up and breaking shit everywhere in the livingroom. So make sure the environment is safe and u have atleast 1 person babysitting. She came to like 5 min later, was able to describe to me what was going on then in about 20 min she completely forgot what happend in the trip.

The itchy skin feeling is terrible, just that alone has kept me away from it for many years now.

Its like dmts evil cousin. Pretty sure the stuff i had was 40x, meaning there roughly 40g of salvia substance extract spread across 1 gram of salvia leaves or w/e herbal smoking blend they got.


Always wondered what Salvia was like

Glad I never tried it now lol


Most knowledge of Sav A is people smoking extracts ^reference all replies…^ which is sad for the substance itself. It does have better usage than smoking of extracts. This is just the only experience most have with it which gives the substance a bad name and invalidates its usefulness in peoples minds. But as with every drug, there are many ways to use it, many of which are simply stupid. Peoples experiences of it are similar to what would happen if everyone decided the standard dose of LSD is 10,000 mcg, and judged it only according to that insane and unpleasant dose.

Sublingual ingestion of fresh leaf (fold and lightly chew to expose leaf juice, then under tongue) is a much more mild and pleasant experience. It can also be used in low doses as a “potentiator” for other substances when used in certain styles of mixes.


I did salvia before I ever did DMT. Sally was always colorful and free and floaty where DMT imploded my ego and crushed my soul.

5-minute drugs are neat. Except for crack. Don’t smoke crack, kids.




My experience was the most vividly disturbing experience I’ve ever had. I was catapulted into what seemed like a 2 dimensional realm, characterized by a sense that it was “true reality”. It instilled in me a great sense of dread, that when I die I will return to that realm, or that I will experience that realm as my last living memory.

I wasn’t able to leave this realm until I accepted that I was there for eternity. Then the process of reintegration into the “real world” involved seeing things in the 2D realm that were actually in my real field of view: fence posts, trees, other sights from my back yard.

What was interesting about this 2D landscape is that lots of what I was seeing was 3D objects being pressed into a 2D world, resulting in bizarre images. Much like when a child draws something 3D, but draws each side of it, even those which would not normally be visible.

It was something else, that’s for sure…


As a teenager I smoked salvia easily a hundred times. Was always super intense but short-lived. Then one time I smoke some hundred X out of my buddy’s big ass bong and I had this crazy trip where my consciousness was split up among all these little stick figures and then a big black hole opened up and started sucking up all the stick figures and all that was left was one stick figure holding on to the edge of existence before he too was finally sucked up. Based off my buddy who is watching I stood up and was freaking out looking around but not saying anything which is I think where the black hole was happening. Then I went completely noodle fell to the ground and was unconscious for a few hours. When I woke up I had zero recollection of who I was, where I was, my name, anything. I remember looking down and seeing my hands and arms and being terrified because I didn’t recognize them. It was like the beginning of a video game when you’re trying to figure out who you are and where you’re at and what you’re supposed to do. Walked outside and found my buddy taking care of the outdoor crop and asked him who I was and who he was and where I was. He laughed and told me I’m an idiot and I took drugs and he had to go to work so I had to leave. I had no idea how to drive my car or even really what a car was and at this point he realized I wasn’t fucking around. He started my car for me and explained how to drive to me. Drove to the end of his dirt road and sat there in the car for a good 12 hours before memories of who I was, where I was, how to drive all that shit finally came back enough for me to drive my ass home.
Shit was crazy and haven’t had a desire to ever do it again.


Dmt was too much for me, I was literally floating through space for like 10 minutes and I was having audio and visual hallucinations. There was a strobing sound which corolated with the visual colors I was seeing. Idk where the fuck I went, all I know is I don’t really like being that far out of reality.

Lsd was more my thing. I like atleast being in reality, even if it is distorted.


12 hours? Do you think you had some kind of oxygen deprivation? TIA mini-stroke?

That reminds me of brain zaps from baeocystin in wood loving psilocybes like azurescens. Scary stuff, indeed.


No idea. My buddy said I didn’t really hit my head or anything when I fell. Just fucking collapsed like a noodle. All I know is it was the only time I’ve experienced amnesia and it was pretty wack. Even amnesia people rarely forgot who they are. I was a completely blank slate and retrospectively I do believe that blank slate played a part in changing my life for the better during that time.