Safety First!

anyone want to guess what had to happen before this came in the door?



Nice job !!
Guess the beer gets absorbed treu the eyes a bit of dmso Maybe to Spike :grinning:
No absolutly right Some of the solvents we work with are a hazard to eyes etc
Had a boiling flask collapse on a hotplate a few days ago When adding salt
Shouldn t happen but iT did
Had hexane and oil all over accidents never come announced

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the stainless over-braided lines I usually use are rated for 1200PSI or so. I was moving tincture with nitrogen, probably filtering it. silicone beer line doesn’t like 80PSI.

I watched the hose balloon like it does in the cartoons, and then it burst and did the whole waving around the room trick.

I managed to find the shut-off with my eyes closed, and my buddy (you don’t extract alone do you?) escorted me outside (like 15’ or so) to the garden hose that was our designated eye wash at the time.

laughing his head off the whole time :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

there were investors on site that day, and funds for the eye wash were immediately forthcoming.

at $750 it wasn’t cheap, but the portability was a huge bonus at the time.


750 is a bargain to mantain Sight :grinning:
Glad You all right thou :fist_right:

as far as I know it has never been used. but it followed me around the 40,000 sqft warehouse as my extraction activities were relocated every few months as the space was built out.

there should now be a permanent shower and eye wash in, and right outside, the C1D1 shipping container.

Edit: confirmed. Space is finally coming together.


Hold my ankles… im going to keg stand this!


Looks way more badass than one of these

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Best thing I’ve seen all day!

twice the price, but it includes a shower.
also fits better with the rest of the shiny things

added wheels too, so it was always within easy reach.

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