Russia sentences Griner to 9 years in prison, White House calls for her release

The Feds imprison US citizens for marijuana yet when someone gets busted in Russia somehow they are innocent. I hope the average US citizen realizes how bullshit this is. I imagine most people with a brain are thinking this, but I’m surprised the hypocrisy of the feds isn’t reaching any mainstream narratives.


This is outrageous! No one in America would ever be jailed for drug possession!


not sure why someone would think drug smuggling internationally would be acceptable just shows the world we live in. the defense cracks me up to "I have a prescription ! not in this country… wonder if the white house will really value her the same as the arms dealer were looking to trade for.


Any of us would be sent off to do our time in the gulags without a first or second thought from the Biden administration. The outrage around this is focused on the fact that a person of privilege is not being given the pass they believe they deserve.


I don’t see anybody in the news talking about this guy. I wonder why? Hmmmm


Russia will not be a country I’ll be visiting anytime soon. 14 years for a little weed. Rough


Singapore is similar

Try that in the Philippines see what happens


you mean 9?

edit - missed vanillagorilla post :woman_facepalming:

No the ex-employee of the US embassy in Moscow got a 14-year sentence for half an ounce I think it was


Free helicopter ride!

Yep and it’s not the fall that’s going to kill you… It’s that damn sudden stop.


You get that for a cart. Lol.

I’d think the hash would be a harsher sentence than flower but I guess they just care about weight :woman_shrugging:

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Also the optics of current geopolitical condition plays in consideration I would imagine.

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Germany, at least in the 90’s, didn’t care about how much weight you were caught with, they tested it all and charged you with the actual amount of thc you were caught with.


Couple that with Iman Shumpert getting arrested at DFW airport this week for bringing almost half a pound from Texas to LA.

I don’t know how it is now but I have no reason to think it changed. It used to be in the Fed’s once you are found guilty they have something called pre sentence investigation report (psi) and regardless of what you are actually charged with your time will be figured by what your PSI has in it so even though you could be caught with an x amount your PSI can be for a hundred times more and that could be a real problem for you.

Flying into Russia with cannabis (or anything related) is a bad idea? Who woulda thunk



Why on earth would you fly out of Texas, into Cali, with a half lb…