Running passive without dry ice

I’ve been going through a fuck load of dry ice recently and its basically gayer than 40 BBC’s in my ass.


I’m going to just use regular ice…

Has anyone ran passive doing the same? With crc it doesn’t matter to me if I’m running in the negatives. I honestly like running warm anyway…and ya…don’t see why it wouldn’t work. Maybe I’m just a big gay retard tho…lolz.

It works with only butane but I think you’d need a lower temp for iso/pro. I’ve done it with butane though. It’s slow but it works.


Buy a pump

i have pumps


Yah could use liquid CO2 to chill your jacketed columns just make sure your columns are sufficiently rated to the pressure from liquid CO2


Passive is painfully slow with regular ice. You will go a lot faster if you have a decent pump, shit we use tap water with a tube in shell. Don’t even need ice. Just a little noise and electricity, if you really want to go passive buy the appropriate chiller. Dry ice for recovery is retarded expensive. Yes you can use Lco2 but if your machine is not rated for it, you just gonna hurt yourself.


I do it all the time recently, but my rig is waaaay smaller than that beast you’re running. I’d imagine it’d take a fuck ton of ice or time for that behemoth.

But I’ve been doing a bunch of shit lately that is lazy and against the rules :man_shrugging:


−40 °C can be achieved with a 1:0.8 mass ratio of calcium chloride hexahydrate to ice.

Cooling bath - Wikipedia


So would that end up being approx a 15:1 water to calcium chloride hexahydrate?

With a water/ice mol weight of ~18 and damp rid of 219?

Or is my understanding of mass ratios way off?

(copy and pasted the wrong thing)


Is that really the best option? Dumping literal pounds of CO2 into the atmosphere?

I really hate the idea of dumping carbon in the air to make stuff cold.


you can do this with lots of regular ice, road salt and 100% n-butane. especially with your pumps…

THE problem with your setup and this way of thinking…is your extractor is massive and you need just about every short cut you can get with the size of your system. If you dont mind running 1 run a day with regular ice, road salt and butane…Its certainly acheivable.

The next step would be buying your own ice maker for the house. And stock up on road salt as ive seen its nearly impossible to buy during the summer

you will have to wash your extractor extensively as salt water is super corrosive even to stainless. which is why they use 904 stainless in ocean pipelines


The corrosion is what turned me off salt. Now I just make do with ice water and ntane


Yeah it’s the most efficient way by far and they pull CO2 out of the atmosphere to make the dewars of CO2 so it’s a pretty carbon neutral thing to do

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You sure about that?

This article says this place has the first one.

That was 2017.

I looked into it to be sure.

"While CO2 can be distilled from the air, that method is expensive and inefficient.

Therefore, it is usually captured from other sources where it is a waste material. This could be anything from brewing beer to burning fossil fuels.

However, the most efficient way of producing carbon dioxide is from ammonia.

Ammonia is an inorganic chemical used in household cleaning products, plastic production, and food storage. The majority of ammonia is used in farming, though. Around 80% of ammonia produced around the world is used as plant fertiliser.

It is produced by burning natural gas to separate the carbon and hydrogen atoms. Hydrogen is then combined with nitrogen to create ammonia.

The carbon atoms can then combine with oxygen to create CO2 as a byproduct. This CO2 can then be sold to the industries that need it."

Not exactly carbon neutral. Supply and demand.

Luckily, the technology is evolving to make it close to neutral.

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Whats the maximum temp you feel comfy with on the collection pot ?
If you Raise the collection temp then the prosses will speed up a lot
Even with ice


600psi & 150C?!?


That should work :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
No seriously if there is a pressure diffrance large enough and a way to take out the heat at a large enough cappacity you could technicly get the job done with air cooling of your heated vapor
Sure it s Nice to be At -1C with butane for it s has very little vapor pressure
But condensation can/will happen at all temps/pressure
The speed realy lies in How fast can you extract heat from the hot vapor
And have a cooler Place for this cooled of vapor can rest


Pretty easy to condense n butane with just a cold work area. Might hit 50-100 psi

I have a recommendation but if I’m gonna save you literal fuck tons of money on dry ice id like some compensation. Perhaps if you’re satisfied you will buy me a sintered disk from @Killa12345 @Rainbowp3nis