Rotovap questions


A standard lab grade oil free diaphragm pump works well. I use this one

Though any one will usually do well

I’ve seen being used but i love my rocker



Thanks so much!! I found a deal on a Welch pump and went ahead and bought it, havent ordered the rotovap yet or chiller.
Welch 2585b-55 was the one I got, seemed cheap! thought it was a deal worth trying to get

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Would you of got the r1005? looking back

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I also have a welch diaphragm pump and the re501 roto, i like both, got the welch for 75$ its a little noisey i think the fan bearing is going out…

The re501 is perfect i cant see the need for a motorized lift the price difference is huge and the only thing you get extra is a lift motor, and can possibly drain without breaking vac, got mine new on ebay for 950 shipped

We use the usa labs 5l heater chiller for the chiller and it works really good, it keeps up and actually runs 5 degrees colder than advertised.

We originally were using a cloner pump and ice water and the recovery time doubled once the chiller got here



Amazing!! There are a few differences like better fittings and seals differently. But ive been debating, this is my first setup and I have no idea what I am doing. ( i mean kinda)
I have been buying and im ready to just not make a large order this next time and invest in myself.



I think the bearings are going out in the motor. Anything over 92rpm and its not so good.

Hoping dave at usalabs will warranty it.



Great price tho for it and the potential is huge. What setups do you guys have them in? Shop or workspace area, im curious to see others… Also any essential equipment you bought and glad you have now that you didnt at first?.

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Ok, the original poster asked but I did not see any answers ins regards to. Starter setup 2L vs 5L, its only 500$ more to get the 5L re501 than the re201… Some others had me convinced to get the pro r1005 and i would like the electric lift part. But its 2300 vs 1300 for the re501 vs r1005 from the distributor i talked with. Also the chiller is 1000 for a 5L -20. I bought the welch pump already.

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Just a heads up guys for a fix.



Where did you find a chiller capable of working for a 5l rotovap for 1000? The ones ive seen are 3000.



If you want rotovap and chiller, just dm me and I could send the quotation to u.
Manufacturer from China



Where did you get the adapter for a bump trap add for the 5L re-501 rotovap?



Do you use a bump trap on it? If so, where do you get it?



Some usefull aditions to a rotovape are a needle valve for the vac or a vac controller, and a dosing pump to feed your roto.
Make sure u match or exceed your chiller and get a dewar cold trap.
U dont need anything famcy to discharge the recovered solvent under vac, just attach a hose to the outlet into a 2l flask and suck it out with vacuum, later on u can upgrade to a keg so u dont have to babysit it
I also have a heat tape thst wraps around my inlet hose before it hits the roto



No bump trap

I also dont use a cold trap

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Never had it bump over without one?



Ive ran almost 50 gallons so far. If you properly fill, have your vac set up properly, it should bump over



Do you mean won’t bump?



Ive never had my rotovap bump.



What are your proper procedures for doing this with no bump? Do I need a throttle for my pump?