Rotovap questions


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I am doing cold ethanol extractions, around 4 to 5 gallons at a time. I have been using a 3L glass distillation setup that works pretty well, but takes a long time, and is easy to over heat towards the end of distillation.

I am considering buying a rotovap to help with solvent recovery. I have a vacuum pump and chiller so I am part way there. Not sure what size to get, I’m looking at the 2L or 5L rotovap from usalab. It looks like they have two different models for both sizes. I am wondering what the difference is in design and options. There is quite a difference in price, $1,800 for the 5L RE-501 vs. $3,500 for the 5L RE-1005

It looks like the more expensive one has a bump trap, different seals, and a nicer one piece stand. I see that some have a feed and drain port to help save time removing flasks to load/unload solvent, this seems like a great option to have. I could use some advice on which one to get. I’m not very familiar with them, if you have any input that could save me some hassle, it is much appreciated.



Get ahold of lanphan-industries for a quote. Those are universal Chinese rotavaps that all come out of the same plant.


I rock the re-501

I’m the middle of a run now. Shut down until tomorrow unfortunately.


Have tou used there equipment before, i just got there catalog and some quotes but im weary of all the Chinese suppliers. I have all touch science simply because i can see on ig verified users thag have real opinions about there equipment. I need to place a order very soon before the tarrifs take effect.


Lanphan = Touch Science


Not me



I will see his post.
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Thanks for letting me know about this company. I ended up going with the RE-501. I got a great deal and shipping was quick too.


A 2L one has a standard 24/29 joint on both sides and is easily customizable but the 5L one you’d need to buy an adaptor to reduce it to 24/29. nonetheless I love my 5L rotovap. Having the capacity is great.


TerryLu, can you send me a quote for re-501 and appropriate chiller?


Hey, I think you gotta DM him and give him your email. I just did the same.


Thanks Calito.




What do you mean by that Lanphan = Touch Science?


Same quality/components/price/etc.


Anyone know if you can use some of the Ai replacement parts for the 50L TS/Lanphan rotovap models? Specifically the PTFE (2 pc) sealing kit for the flask.


I use seal AI for 20 liter ,just pull seal and take measure and on ai website, they should have similar match