Rosin diamonds

Hey everyone, I’m seeing a lot of articles referring to rosin diamonds. They separate the terps on a press, then boil the THCa powder at 250°, and let it crystalize. A lot of these articles are referring to them as THCa diamonds, but if they’re boiling it, the odds are they’re THC diamonds, no?

THC diamonds don’t exist, 250 degrees what? That’s half of the info right there. Could just be a flash melt and reX

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250 F or C?

They are just thca shards. Not actual diamonds. Rosin boys us use the term diamonds tho cuz it makes them feel good…


250°f, wouldn’t that temp decarb the THCa into THC?

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Idk, another member was talking about this in the Rosin thread. They just melt down the thca isolate and then break it up into small shards and call it diamonds. Idk about the temps:

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At 121degC, it wouldn’t be immediate and would depend on exposure time.


250c is gonna vaporize that shit!


Lol f not c

I got that part :joy:

It’s not boiled, but it’s warmed up and then rolled into sticks and broke down, or flat like shatter, or the molded gummy bears that I did and anything similar, etc etc. And it’s only a few minutes just to get it to be pliable


Any reason that couldn’t be done with solvent derived THCa? Fat/lipid content?

its not as hip. solventless is the new organic


@ gobstopp: “its not as hip. solvenless is the new organic=WEEDO”

water is the future…lol

water is a solvent so “solventless” is bogus marketing unless they’re selling flower rosin. hash rosin isn’t technically solventless

Is heat and pressure technically a solvent as well? A solvent is a substance that can dissolve other substances from my understanding. Heat and pressure are can be measured and can dissolve other substances. Heat is energy and can phase change a substance


Heat and energy are not solvents. Also, while water is a solvent it does not function as such during the process because it doesn’t dissolve anything, it just displaces the trichomes.


Also, the term “solventless” in the industry mostly applies to concentrate production w/o the use of organic solvent (alkanes, alcohols, etc).

Heat and Pressure = Conditions

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People obtain thca from rosin by taking rosin and repressing it through a finer mesh filter bag.

I did it with butane thca. :person_shrugging:t4:. I also used a rosin press to mechanically separate thca and hte from a kinda dry bho budder. I was trying to start a fight


Idk why rosin bois don’t just use a centrifuge

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