Rosin Decarboxylation via Pressure Cooker?

Yup, you read that right.

My new dictator of operations bought a pressure cooker and handed me an SOP for decarbing our live rosin/cured rosin for edibles. SOP states no water needed with a decarb time of 4 hours on “high” heat. Would love to read your thoughts and reactions on this lol.

Thanks guys.


It s not such a bad idea
If it s a stainlesssteel version
Some inert gas would be nice or a bit of a volitile terpene to push out the O2 once it gets hot
Defenatly not on an open flame
But a heating plate with temp set at 100C should get your material decarbed and since it s shut when cooling down it will protect your product
The o rings are probably not terpene vapor resistant so I expect those to collapse pretty fast
But if it has a thick botom and the heating plate a constant temp control should work better than an open air beacker or convection oven


Thanks Rogue! Appreciate the feedback.

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We use a non jacketed diamond miner (pressure vessel with gauge and prv) in a convection oven. This allows for pulling of vacuum to get most of the o2 out of there, but that’s not as big of an issue for edibles.

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Hey @UneekkUserName,

could you potentially elaborate on this process?

are you keeping your ball valve open on the miner throughout the entire process? Are you using this method for edibles or carts as well? Seems like we want to do both.

Thanks a ton!!!

I got the idea here. Yes we keep the ball valve closed and monitor pressure. We use this process to decarb all products that require decarb. I’m currently building a large system similar to the one described below.

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Very much appreciated!!!