Root Sciences -VKL 70-5, Wiped Film - FOR SALE

Item: Root Sciences -VKL 70-5

Location: Eureka, CA

Price: $140,000

We are a fully licensed cannabis manufacturing company selling our Root Sciences -VKL-70, also known as a VTA. These machines are German engineered and it shows. We still have 2 of these units in operation along with multiple POPE manufactured systems and I can tell you that side by side there are significant engineering and machine quality differences. Our unit also comes with upgraded HUBER heaters and chillers with large full-color digital displays and tons of integration features. The VTA’s are incredibly reliable machines with accurate motors and pumps that are simple to service. The visibility into the glass still body and reliability of parts make this a great unit to learn on yourself or train new operators on. With this machine, you will easily be able to create beautiful distillate for years to come.

Unit in excellent working condition.
Skip the harvest season lead time and start making liquid gold today!

Asking $140k, OBO.
Delivery and setup support negotiable.



Dropping the asking price to $130,000

Good price… why are you selling?

Have a friend asking if it comes with manuals and SOP?

Do you still have this for sale?

The VTA SOP is floating around this forum somewhere. Use search bar, “VTA SOP” should get you to the right spot to download PDF


I can email those to you if you cant find em here.

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Appreciate it… I just emailed it to my friends.

Is this still available?

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Why are you selling this?

HI, can you give me a call. I would like to speak to you.