Rocco glassware


Just wanted to see if anyone else has had problems with Rocco scientific glassware. I’m starting to hear of quite a few people who have had different pieces of glass break from them so I wanted to make a post about it. I purchase a 22 liter boiling flask from him and he sent me one with air bubbles in the bottom of it. I have asked 3 different people and all 3 have said they wouldnt use it. Needless to say he doesnt want to return it or fix it so I opened up a PayPal dispute to get my money back. Has anyone else had anything from Rocco break? His dual neck swing arm adapters arent fully straight or atleast the one he sent me isnt. My friend purchased the same wing arm adapter and his wasnt straight either AND both of our broke in the same place. Coincidence? I think not. Please post if you’ve had issues. I know there has to be others out there like me dealing with this.


I assume all summits glass is Rocco Sci. I had a 2L double neck break before I even got to use it.


its really hard to take pictures of air bubbles in glass, but I hit him up about it and he says hes sold 100s of these with no problems… so i guess that means you send out glass all the time with large air bubbles in it? Ive never seen a flask with an air bubble in the bottom, and with 20 liters of crude in there I cant risk an implosion.


Yeah, kaboom!


He just has a flask with crude break


Why can’t you just return it?? Just take a lot of photographic evidence in cause he disputes the return.

As long as you have photographic evidence with tracking. I can’t see PayPal siding with the seller. Even in these instances, PayPal will eat the transaction or shipping. Usually they will pay for the return label and make you return to get a refund.

Disputing directly with your credit card against PayPal doesn’t usually work without sending back the merchandise, and seeing you still have the BF. It’s gonna be hard to get your money back.

This is coming from someone that runs an online business and takes the marjority of my payment threw PayPal.


Thats what I did, I opened a paypal dispute and now hes mad because he has to take back a bad flask. If it wasnt such a big deal why fight me on taking it back ya know?


Yeah it’s not worth it. I seen where they are all talking shit on Instagram. I would just show your returning it on your dime and not to do business with them cause the online snitching is still snitching.

Both pieces of glass can’t be more than $100 total threw FedEx. A $100 loss and a lesson on the companies to do and not do business with is a super small price to pay. Give them back their defective glass and move to another company which won’t give you these problems.


exactly what I was trying to prevent, do you know if it had imperfections or anything? Ive had good glass with no imperfections from him break, and he blames user error lol


Hrm. I personally wouldn’t be happy with bubbles in my glass. Mechanically speaking that is most certainly a weak point now. In the process industry a piece of steel or glass with a bubble in it would never pass inspection


Rocco is summit correct? Any of you guys dealt with @vacuumdynamics ?


Negative, while Rocco does manufactur most of Summits glass, they are two separate entities.


Yeah, I have. I have nothing but love and great things to say about him. I broke my cold trap and without missing a beat he said “send it to me and it will be fixed” and so it was. The post I made in the new years thread guaranteed was due to switching over to his setup, so for me personally he is the man.


vacuum dynamics is awesome i like them. dont fuck with rocco he will get your IG account deleted. fuck em Im trying to get it back


I’ve talked to the guy that runs vacuum Dynamics on Instagram a few times they seem like good Bros and if I buy an SPD set up it will probably be from them



He said he will refund you. Just have to ship back the stuff… seems pretty reasonable


Love how its taken all this to get that.


A friend of mines flask broke this morning


Lol this shits funny to me. He thinks I want to keep his shitty flask with bubbles in it, I wouldnt even use this thing which is why I want a return. I already bought one from lab society last week xD