Rocco glassware


Ive neverhad anthing but top notch service with tony, his prces and quality cant be beat. I have about 8of his flasks with mren the way all my glass is rocco and summit heads and havenever had a sngle problem. I personally recommend them t everyone,ad the summt heads have al been boujt when on salenor like rhe redent one bought a bunch othwrwise they wiuld be drom Rocco i know alot of leople haing bis heads with no oroblems. I take my head off righr agtwr rhe run is over and ive never had rhis halpen in 5yrs my guess user error


Summits customer service has been good to me they gave me a replacement after I broke a receiving flask during user error. You just have to approach these companies in the right way and I’ve always gotten positive results.


I trust ACE over Rocco or Summit.

I love how Rocco admits he uses cheaper glass in the comments of that boiling flask video. I’m about quality.

The homie went to summit yesterday and elliot told him he buys Rocco different glass to use on his stuff. Wonder why lol that same homie dropped his lab society HE head from 3 feet above the ground when his Rocco flask broke and it didnt break.