A Tribute to the man himself.

Victor Suarez - the Violator.
May you rest in peace :pray::beers:


Sad, i just stole a meme from his IG the other day. he was making excellent product.


Great guy just talked ro him yesterday, always on ro the next thing. Its cool to see where he started. I will miss him. R.I.P


Rest easy big man, crazy to hear the news. Talked to yah a couple days ago. Thoughts and prayers to the family :pray:t2:


How did he pass? What happened?

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Someone said he ate himself to death? I’m not sure what that means. Perhaps diabetes or cholesterol issues or heart problems? Idk. He was doing big things. It’s too bad. My condolences to his family.

He trolled us in DM on IG in regards to wanting a ASRS from LS – his sense of humor was definitely not lost on us haha. Good guy!

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I knew him very well. We talked all the time. I will really miss him. He is a customer who turned to a great friend. I would turn the time backwards and get him on a treadmill if I could. I will reaaaaaly miss him.


Yes, we ate alot, became bloated and had breathing issues. He also liked to party at nights so the lifestyle was unhealthy. I spoke with alot of close friends and everyone he saw or talked to said the same thing. He could barely breathe when talking. I wish we all knew the signs and helped him.


Sorry to hear you guys lost a good friend and compatriot in this business I didn’t know him or know of him but he sounds like he was a very sharp man and a hard worker

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sucks that you all lost a comrad. I always liked his IG feed. Remember tomorrow is not promised. Me and my best friends say we are the last of the Mahicans all the time. Most of my friends are dead. Take care of yourselves.

Burn a dab for your homie and all the soliders lost in wars around the world on this memorial day.


Never knew him personally but his IG feed was a big inspiration to me, and I’m sure a lot of other people, to really step it up. RIP to a legend in the game

I find iT a sign of beeing a man
That when we all know they Had a tough relation ship you still stand up with respect to their family
And this is. Forum for cannabis craft and art Lets keep the personals out
Or find other means to communicate them


I really miss Victor. He’s the reason 95% of the industry bought large scale machines and could call themselves bottle boys.


Hmm direct message would get across also


Jokes on you, I’m having a baby girl in 3.5 months.


The industry lost two great processors these last months. Sad to see our brothers fall, make sure y’all are taking care of yourselves, lord knows I could be doing a better job


I talked to bim the day before and he just didnt sound right but said everything was fine

Congrats, kids are awesome. Best thing ive ever done with my life.


rip to loudnclear vic sad to see the big dog go

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