Rich, Full flavored, Cannabis Terpenes for a great price!

Royal Terps Menu Future4200.pdf (859.8 KB)

$25/ml for intro samples and 50ml+ orders (No they are not blended with hemp terpenes)
(No they are not blended with botanical) (No, this is not bs)

So I was given an opportunity with some Steam Distilled Terpenes. I’ve been blessed with a good price and intend on passing it along to all of you fine folks that have enriched my life since I have decided to be actively engaged in this forum. I will not have these forever as there is a limited supply and the facility that originally made these has decided to stop making Terps and focus solely on extracts. So They are basically liquidating this and I am lending a hand. Selection is limited and once a strain is gone its GONE so if you love it you may want to go ahead and grab some up! Hope to hear from ya soon!

Many trusted members here have tried these out and I have had NOTHING but positive response from everyone who has sampled.

I have had a 3rd party lab test all but the gelato as of now and should have that one end of week.

On top of this being a great deal we are also making a modest donation from every order to bee conservation. This forum was built on the idea that giving back is what strengthens a community and we share that belief in everything we do.

There is a link to a menu at the top.

DM me for more info and/ or purchasing info.

Edit: I hate that I even have to say this but, THESE WILL NOT GET YOU HIGH!




These are not your average Terps. Theae canna terps offer full complex flavors ! Finally something different!

And this is just the start! I can’t wait to see all the strains we get!

Gelato is my new favorite! All these are up to par and super high quality +

I blend most the guys terps here now. These I do not blend as they are perfect by themselves!

I can’t wait to get more!

Btw the gelato taste ten time better after u get into some…the flavors really come out. And they are already yummy yummu


I’d be willing to buy 2 big member a free ML to sample out. Trying to spread the love.

This is not for noobs or someone wanting something free. This is for a vape maker that wants to try these but are scared to make the pop. Tag me in this with a dm

I’m trying promote these for sure
So this goes to the first 2 real regular memebrs. I’ll buy 1ml the gelato for each person. Just trying to get these in some others hands to see what they are missing. @sbo only other person with terps like this


I’d take a ml if the offer is still active i’m trying to source some terps right now anyways!

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One gone

Ok they one left

And I will just pay kinsman for these. I suggest try the gelato but they are all great.

Sbo has couple ppl already tried his we all know his are good…now gotta make sure everyone else gets to try the other best ones here

@Badcookieextracts. This is purely just to get these in others hands. If u likd then sboproducts (just like but different strains) and these are the best hands down

I’m on the fence about jorivas211 terps. I think I might need to mix his harder bc they smell exactly like both the best guys terps here

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Lol. @StoneD they truly broke the mold when they made you bud. One of these days someone is gonna pay you to start a terp sommelier course! Haha
You don’t have to buy anything man. I’ll honor your idea and sweeten it.

So here is the deal. I will give away a single ml of each of my current strains to 5 different members. All of the terms Stoned stated apply.
Only catch is that you hit me with shipping and handling($10) cuz …
.:notes: I’m just a poor boy from a poor family :notes: :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Sour Deisel
Blood Orange
Tahoe OG

@Badcookieextracts which one you want?

And 4 more are up for grabs!

If you love em or hate em drop your review here after you get em!


We will go with the original deal @StoneD put up and take Gelato

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DM me with your info and I’ll have it out next week.

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6% my suggestion. I use really thick high thc disty. So thick I add 6-8% tasteless Terps to help it flow better in my gen 1 all ceramic carts. I know i know but at the amount I’m adding ur not making anything its strictly flow for me I get better taste then

I know floraplex tasteless terps at least terps. I will be getting CBDa and maybe CBD disty soon to see If helps with flow

Wow just noticed @Kinsmanofthesun comment that is badass of you. I really was gonna do this but that’s cool as fuck of you

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I feel so special have the flavors!:blush: everytime I try urs it’s my favorite. Then I try sbo and it’s my fav! Yall are killin it. Nothing but great feedback!

could I try blood orange? will pay s/h.

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Just hit the dm with your info and I’ll have it out tomorrow

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Ok. Sour Diesel is now gone from the free sample list!

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Gelato is now spoken for! 3 left!


I’ll pay $10 shipping for a sample, I’ll take whichever one you have left, if you do have one left.


Do you have any terpenes that would resemble wintergreen?

The sunshine four has the most of the high notes, but nothing directly wintergreen.


So you can check out the menu linked on the original post. We only have the 5 strains for now unfortunately. What we lack in variety we make up for in quality and value!

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Tahoe OG is now spoken for!

Lemonato and blood orange is left.

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I got a GG4 tanning lotion, coconut taste outta this one…like beaches what I thought hitting. I liked it