Retail Space Visibility - 100 shoppers per day - Behind WholeFoods

Steve’s Goods CBD Hemp Store is a 3000 square foot facility. Inside this beautiful building is located a smoothie shop offering 20+ types of smoothies; all of which can add CBD as a boost!

This location just got approved for a drive thru! We will be the only drive thru CBD Hemp store in Colorado!

Your products will be displayed in our retail store near our CBD section. See images as reference.

As a loyal Steve’s Goods partner you will get:

  1. Your own table to display products
  2. 1x per week - offer samples in store (optional)
  3. Educated sales person that knows your products
  4. Educated sales person that understands compliance
  5. Bi-weekly payouts
  6. Drive thru menu slot
  7. Offer a CBD boost in a smoothie (oils only)
  8. Custom CBD smoothie to promote your products

What it costs:

  1. $250/month with a 3 month contract
  2. 25% of the sale


  1. Licensed business, and to manufacture products
  2. Colorado sourced hemp or purchased from our raw material
  3. FDA compliant labels


  1. Brand visibility
  2. Sell CBD products in a known store
  3. Elevated brand recognition and brand trust
  4. Brand manufacturing / Drop-shipping (optional)
  5. Traffic on Hover st is 55k cars per day

What about an incentive or sign-up bonus?
We will do a photoshoot with your products at our hemp farm.

Who is ready to take their CBD Hemp brand to the next level?!

Accepting a limited number of qualified companies. The space below would be reorganized to fit your products.

Does this mean you want 25%, free product to sample(optional), and $250/month to put product in your store on consignment?

And you’ll take pics of other people’s product on your hemp farm? (Seems deceptive)

Anddd your implying scarcity by telling people to act quick?!? Holy trifecta of MLM

All beers aside good luck on stocking your smoothie shop :call_me_hand:



How much is a smoothie?


Probably cost you your eternal soul is all.

Not sure why anyone would want to have @stevesbads selling product for them when they treat clients and potential clients like this:

How he feels about other labs plus more berating clients with bad experiences here (don’t forget to read all his edits):

Avoid this vendor like the plague. There’s probably gross beard hair in his products and he’ll berate your potential/existing customers to the point they’ll never buy your product, ever.

Stevesbads thinks he’s better than everyone here, and he isn’t. Fuck him. Fuck his lab. Fuck his products. Fuck his retail storefront.


With or Without pesticides?


Yet 2 weeks later @Akoyeh gets voted into the MoM club. So I have to ask, exactly who is the one being “toxic” here?

You do know pesticides are toxic, right?


Kind of a bummer to see Steve put himself in this situation. I used to enjoy my convos with his employee kylan (not sure if he’s still around or not) but he was always gracious about the things we spoke about and appreciated any help he was givin

That sentiment clearly did not come from the top down


I spoke to like 3-4 of the other employees at the time of when I got ripped off and they all wanted to give me a refund and understood how I was getting completely fucked over after I explained the situation to them multiple over the course of a few weeks. But they told me it was up to Steve.

And he wouldn’t refund me for any of the wasted hot flower I had made pre rolls with, the lab tests I got done, or even the remaining hot flower unless I sent it back across state lines! Only after weeks of back and fourth did they even offer a refund on the remainder if I shipped it…. Not counting the loss of having 2,000 custom tubes made, and my time. Total kick in the nuts for a startup company.

Its possible he just went nuclear on here because he’s used to bossing around his employees, acting like a sociopath, apparently driving a Tesla while drinking CBD smoothies, and having nobody tell him no.


With the exception of every female he accosts.
bUt I HAve A TeSsLa!!


Why does this fat neckbeard keep posting idiotic shit?

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Don’t get him started he will probably tell us about the hundreds of women he has


I’ve never once seen steve brag about women

In his basement?