Researching honeycomb/crumble teks


It kind of will, but not to the extent that you are asking for. Without the stability it’ll just make budder


I mean to get it drier budder almost cookie like


It won’t really. Doesn’t have the stability. Drying it won’t help as much, that’ll just evaporate more terpenes and make it harder to scoop.



Soooooo ur cookies don’t have as much terps? Like the strains itself? Not saying they don’t have any…but just assuming that means they would never been goopy?

Trying to wrap my head around the whole budder thing as I discovered the wrong way by accident


My crumble is usually made with shatter runs and the scrape off of each pour. Live resins, which have been dewaxed I made badder/budder baby food consistently. Shatter runs with excess fats for stability give it that.

When I vac to pull out solvent I will end up taking out terps. Which will make it less “tacky” overall. It’ll still taste good. Just a lower percentage.

Terpes stick with the plant fats. So, in standard crumble they stay there and evaporate over time. Badder/budders have that wet look because the terpenes can seperate easily. With the fats present they won’t, as much.

Different runs, different products. Those pics posted were normal runs without any extra processing.


Explains all my questions exactly!

Thanks so much I completely get w all my trial and error learning makes so much sense now!


Once you learn your material, you can get whatever consistency you want


That’s kinda where I was going with the wet stuff, we could maybe bump a vac w heat and get her there but w terp loss…


@Dred_pirate thanks for the response, worked out great


Tou can purge to shatter m,just over night and then whip around 95-105. Also matters natters how tou eun tour gas the colder the gas the less waxes and the more heat it can take, if room temp solvent you can drop tour whip remps 10-15 degree


Honeycomb crumble. Leave more solvent in


Any recommendation on how much to leave in?


I personally like a lot less. I like it more dense and easy to handle. This one just looks aesthetically pleasing


Do you use a guideline of how much you recover when making honeycomb? Material specific?


Some material definitely won’t hold up. But most decent shatter material will. I usually only make stuff like this from trim/shatter runs.


I recover the same amount as I would normally. I scrap my collection clean after the pour. And that’s what I usually use. Sometimes I will use a whole run. Because they will like a bunch of crumble occasionally. But, normally just my scrapings. There’s usually anywhere between 5-15 grams in there. Most guys just wash that out. They tried to tell me that at first. I scoffed and said fine I’ll keep what I scrape. Then they realized how much they were losing. Now I get some, they get some. That’s where they let me get my personals.


What are you using to get this shape? That’s really cool


Thanks for all the knowledge fam! I’ve learned a lot from you :muscle::pray:


Shape or texture? Shape, I just dropped it on the parchment in the oven


Sorry I meant the uniform angles In the picture with black gloves