Researching honeycomb/crumble teks


Ideally I’d like a nice dry crumble like my finished product a few posts up. It’s weird because that was my first try lol. I grabbed a hunk of shatter from the freezer, started rolling it into a ball and stretching it. Worked great! Now it seems with both fresh material out of the collection plate, and frozen shatter both gets super buttery and soft. No way to handle it, after a few seconds it just starts sticking to my gloves and leaving a film and oil all over the gloves. for the fresh material, after I poured my slabs whatever was left in the pot I scraped into a Pyrex and whipped the shit out of it until it got hard, heated and whipped again but it never loses it’s wet sticky consistency. For the shatter I did what I did last time, tooo it out the freezer and began rolling it but eventually it gets wet/soft sticky too. Damnit. How did I nail this my first try and now failing lol


Thanks @Dred_pirate its on my shopping list. :facepunch:


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It all depends on your beginning product. If it makes great shatter. It’s great crumble. I personally have only made it with a finished product a couple times and it made a small smooth coin. Is your room really warm? Do you have any of the shatter left from the first time?

Every time you open your freezer and pull your material out you’re probably introducing moisture


Just wanted to thank you guys for creating this post. And thx @Dred_pirate for always chiming in with your knowledge.
I been trying to nail this down and finally I was able to achieve this by reading this post. So far this is what I got.


good looking cookie!


Yes! That’s a cookie.


Awww. Thank you. I hope I can replicate it😅


That’s all YOU right there. All I did was shut up and paid attention :blush:


Hmmmmm smells like mommas fresh cookies”


@Dred_pirate when you first put scraping in oven after collecting & whipping do you pull vac or no vac


That’s all personal preference. I used to in the beginning to pull out as much solvent as possible. I stopped when I realized I was pulling out a bunch of terps. Now, when I do this they used to end up more crispy. I realized later that I was pulling terpenes out, which isn’t a huuuge problem as long you don’t do it too much. In the beginning I say that is ok. Whip it nice and good, get the opaque solid look. Hit it with the vac, don’t go all out and have the muffin fall on itself, but pull to -15 maybe less just to get it more workable, then whip it to your desire


Some old crumble I’ve made over the years.


After those last pics I twisted and whipped it up one last time and put it back in for 120f no vac now it looks like this. Did I just fuck this up lol?


Ur getting there…u may have a terpy strain…I’d imagine some strains may take lil more heat, ur oven accurate?

Also did u dewax? @Dred_pirate would dewax help… Or keep going


No, some won’t always turn out the way you want. These were all standard runs. Hell, I was running active for these. But, they aren’t dewaxed that will make em more sappy. Fats give the stability he’s looking for.

That didn’t come out wrong. Just how it ended up. Once you get it, you’ll get it.


I did an inline dewax. I was gonna keep going to see what happens in the oven.


That’s why it gooey and not so “crumbley”. It will taste better for what you did, though.


You’re the man bro. Thank you. I been trying to get this for a minute. I’m gonna try to replicate it and then I’m off to try diamonds. So many great things happening in the next couple weeks. I’m gonna give everybody on here a “front seat” to take the ride with us as we work to get better and improve our techniques. Thank you to all that know and share. I promise we will continue to do the same and pay it forward.


If he stuck in vac and pulled vac to -20 and the temp u say , wouldn’t that dry it some if it bubbles…and let him know it might need a min more? Or do u call it there if runny…bc my stuff always went runny budder to dry budder?

Only asking bc super wet still…