Researching honeycomb/crumble teks


Top one looked like it was done


I left it on a 4 hour timer in the oven when I left… so it May be way overkill. It was a small test, I wasn’t sure how dry or crumbly I can get it. But I’m pretty happy with the result of my first attempt. If it’s over done, now I know not to nuke it


Horn spoons work really well.

7.8 inches


I wonder if it’s like whipping fudge. Meaning I wonder if the atmospheric pressure of the day you’re whipping on and duration of whipping has an ultimate play on how well it’ll come out.


Can you obtain nucleation by pressing rolling stable shatter into a ball and then pressing it with an unheated press and repeat with various stretching periods along with a few unheated vac purges?


Just wanted to say thanks to everyone in the thread. Inspired me to take some sloppy old trim shatter I had sitting around and made it into something I’d actually dab, haha.


No vac. Especially for finished shatter. Just heat and agitation


That’s all it takes, hot plate and whip game.


No hot plate. That’s too hot. 115f~

But yes. Just heat and whip


Hey so if I could do same thing with no heat at all wouldn’t that help retain terps?


Definitely don’t cook it but it needs to be warm while you whip it. Just pick up a cheap temp gun and watch you temp.


Heat is needed. I’ve done it under 100f, though


Pyrex plate on a heating manle turned to 30°C?


Little warmer because of the heat transfer through the glass. You’d be there all day trying to get it warm. A slides warmer is ideal. But I do currently use a heated stir plate.


I googled it , they look it. Small ones are pretty cheap around 225$


A friend told me about them recently and I can’t wait to get one. There are so many uses in my lab for it in my workplace


It’s so weird. That first night I tried it, I grabbed some shatter that was sitting in my freezer and I nailed it right away. Ever since then I’ve tried whipping it right out of the collection pot, and tried with newer shatter I’ve made and I’ve completely failed to replicate it :frowning: it’s either way too buttery and not shatter, or even the shatter I try now gets way to sticky and I cannot stretch and manipulate it :confused: I was so happy with my first attempt results and since then can not get that result :frowning:


Looked a “slide warmer” up… What are you using it for? Examining samples?


Hotter will dry, a vac pull will do the same

U lose terps but at some point u may have to if u don’t like wet budder

Also u may be getting some sugar it looks like

@Dred_pirate I’d love to hear what the masterbudder man thinks


Heat specific hot plate