Requirements for processing lab in Oklahoma (c1d1)

Hello I’m a licensed cultivator in Oklahoma, I’m planning on getting a processing license and was wondering the requirements on a hydrocarbon lab as far as the c1d1 room and Coc’s on unincorporated land.

As far as I can tell, all you need to do is shove some money into the pockets of the locals and you can do whatever you want



Will be your guy in the area!


Different based on location. Most don’t even require shit if you’re out of major population. Phone call and you got your inspection lol. Phil’s still way ahead of the curve on that subject.


I went with HAL cause they’re state recognized and easy with my general contractor. You don’t need it in most cases outside the city… but on a liability note, you might want to look at one.


I run a hydrocarbon lab right in the middle of OKC and we had to go through the fucking ringer to get approved. Took so long. But then I talk to people just an hour away and they barely even have ventilation.



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Hey, I actually work with companies in the OK area a lot on this, we have had our rooms approved in OKC and worked heavily with the local fire marshal and AHJs. We are a lot more cost effective than some other companies, but there are a lot of great options available to check out. I’ve worked with @TheGratefulPhil on a couple of projects before as well. We are based in Bethany, OK if you want to DM or email me, I’d love to chat. Most unincorporated areas don’t have requirements yet, of course I’m sure your safety and your employees safety is taken into consideration. Depending on your area there could be some requirements though. Let me know if you want me to do some digging in your specific area. I’d be happy to help!


OKC is def a pain, now they seem to have a good grasp on what they accept.

I do licensed lab buildouts and can work with your local municipality to ensure you are compliant

Hit me up if you need any assistance.

Extraction booths will always be less cost effective than built.

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What are your goals with this lab? High end product or disty. How many lbs a day do you want to run? How many square feet can you dedicate to the lab?
Some times a pre fab that you just plug in is much more economical than a full build out.

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There are pros and cons for sure on building it yourself or purchasing through a company. Depending on timeframes and local requirements etc. etc. a lot of variables to consider and every company has different goals. Each case is unique as you well know.

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Agree to disagree but I’m not selling a product.

As a person who has built a booth in Oklahoma (Edmond) and who has designed and built a lab in Oklahoma City…you will spend far more money building your own booth after you account for lost production time, cost of regulation and certification, etc.

If you’re in the middle of nowhere w no regs then that’s not the case, but unless you know what you’re doing—it’s easy to screw up


I built a 20x20 c1d1 with a contractor for 30k

You need a few intrinsic components like lel meter and camera and lights

Besides that it’s a wall burn rating (green rock), no electric in adjoining walls and x amount of air exchanges per minute.

Booths are taxed and little.

As far as getting one to meet certs that’s why you hire guys like me with extensive experience with lab builds and dealing with architects, engineers, fire dept, zoning and code enforcement and state compliance.

The money you save on building versus buying will pay my consulting fees for a good bit, compile that with my wholesale account to and I’m is usually less than free.


Agree to disagree buddy.

As the person doing the architectural design, the engineering, the code compliance MYSELF and dealing with the building department…you’re wrong when it comes to Oklahoma City (or really most heavily regulated areas).

Buying a booth with a pre-drafted, pre-approved 3rd party review is better.

But I’m just an engineer who’s been doing this for the past five years so what the fuck do I know.


Also if this is how much it cost you to build a 20x20 ur not doing it right.

Just sayin.


I agree to disagree with the 5 labs stick built c1d1 i built that are compliant for less money than a booth.

Not all booths are compliant everywhere either. You still need to check with the locals.

If you want to spend more money go for it. Not my methodology.

This is what I’m saying.

Edit: but about one-off builds. You have to build them the same exact way with the same exact code analysis every time or redo it all.