Removing Pesticides from Ethanol

In search of any information on cleaning up a large volume of ethanol of any pesticide?

If the key word here is “any” then my first response is Burn it!!

But I realize you’re probably not a chemist, nor really looking to be able to remediate ALL pesticides.

The answer is likely specific to the class of pesticides you’re dealing with, so not telling us the actual problem, means we can’t solve it for you.

So tell us what you’re dealing with…

That said, activated charcoal might be as close to a universal solvent scrubber as there is.


AC remediates ambectin and myclobutinal (sp)?

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I am not a chemist but would very much appreciate any help on this topic. I have approximately 200 gallons of ethanol that has been used to process CO2 oil. On failed tests I’ve tested positive for Imidacloprid Malathion Permethrin Piperonyl butoxide Spiromesifen Myclobutanil.


Awesome. Not sure which chemists to page. Might have time to figure that out in a bit. For now, trying activated carbon and submitting it for testing afterwards is your most logical move.

Search here for how to use AC, and check the pesticide remediation threads. Page anyone who offers remediation in here by tpying their name thusly @drjosh


Thank you

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Holy moly! Your full of every damn thing. I’d refuse that product asap.


I’m kinda wondering how and why imidaclopid is being used anywhere near cannabis.

After grad school I worked for an agriculture company which had me get all types of state certification and one was a pesticide application license.

That shit is a stemstic pesticide for whitefly control. I have extensive experience with this particular pesticide. This shouldn’t be used on anything used for human consumption. I’d be seriously looking disposing that ethanol.

This is why I make my own medicine. Fuck smoking that cancer causing pesticide. I fucking hate merit.

Seems like who ever was growing that co2 extracted herb went the serious chemical route with their pesticide treatment.


If you can filter it all out, I would still process it. After testing of course.

Promis main ingredient is imidacloprid. I know a few ppl who use it. Myclobubinal(sp) is eagle 20 main ingredient.

Pyrethrin is is in a fogger. I cant remember what for

Yeah merit and eagle 20. Yummy yummy! This is some nasty shit and abuse by a lot of people. These are toxic to humans.

I understand you might know people that use these chemicals. Lol. I wouldn’t be smoking their work.

I know people who pre treat cuts with eagle 20. I don’t smoke their work. I’ve even seen those people have problems in flower and spray saying it’s better than the pests. It’s just these little compromises that really disgust me.


OP is past processing. That flunked.

Looking to remediate used solvent. Much easier trick than remediating extract.


Cant you refilter the solvent with the above AC and retest the solvent?

If the end result/product failed, toss it back in the solvent and start over, no?

That is the general idea

not necessarily. when filtering ethanol, you’re not dealing with anything other than pesticide, solvent, absorbent. You can add essentially as much carbon as you want to achieve the desired goal. (assuming AC binds the pesticide in question)

once you add cannabinoids and terpenes to the mix, it can be (much) harder to remove just a single component. Some losses are acceptable, but some compounds are simply going to follow the terpenes and cannabinoids.

which would be why I asked OP to tell us what they were up against.

hopefully someone with more experience with re-mediation can chime in?


would I be correct to assume you’ve re-mediated crude or distillate for these with AC?
thank you for sharing that data point!

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I love this site!

@cyclopath, mind if I dm you and pick your brain for a bit?

Iirc shadow or columbo posted a filter agent to remediate pesticides. This was 3 months ago, and I didnt save/remember what product they used

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So far, everything @cyclopath has said has been accurate. I’m not certain what other questions you may have, but I can likely help.

AC does not remove all the pesticides by itself, even with just a single type, like myclo in distillate. Generally one must also use MagSil PR. Both filtering products and processes will cause loss of product cannabinoids, just fyi.