Removing minimal thc from cbd for thc free cbd

Guess I mossed 1 thing on building my lab set up , and thats removing the thc from cbd. Looking for info or an sop or how to. Heidolph roto , vta ,-86c deep freezer ,and a 20l reactor. What else do I need and whats the process ? Had vta tell me I couldnt seperate with their machine after purchase …went from thc lab to chd lab so crossing my knowledge zone right now


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A very clever young man, who is putting himself through college selling CBD SOP’s :wink:

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I know this was a while back, but did you find a solution for yourself?

Crystalizing the CBD should work. Pretty sure there are SOPs for that floating around these forums.

dissolve distillate in 1:2 ratio of heptane or pentane:distillate and cool slowly…room temperature first, then refrigerator, then freezer. if it doesn’t crystallize shake it or add a small amount of kief crystals or isolate to act as a nucleation point to cause the cbd to crash out.

is it a 1:2 volume or weight ratio? @Jonny

The goal here is to remove unwanted substances and compounds from CBD oil. For this, the extract is mixed with alcohol, thoroughly stirred, and put in a freezer for 12-16 hours . After this, the mixture thaws and runs through filters until it becomes clear again. The next step is to remove alcohol through heating.

You just described de waxing or “winterizing”

This would not remove the thc.



Every kilo of cbd gets two liters of solvent.

Get it? got it? good!

Volume:volume also works, cbd is easy peasy.

Mix and Heat up solvent near its boiling point and wait until the cloudy solution becomes clear(super saturation), then slowly cool. If you want a fine sugar keep stirring, if you want a big chunky slab then don’t stir at all. Evaporation works wonders too for precipitating faster.


and the thc stays mostly in the liquid?

so we get a mostly thc free cbd slab on this way?

just that i get it right :grinning:

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yes. THC won’t co crystalize with CBD. you should have a near perfect isolate of CBD from this