Removing extract from collection chamber

Hey so long time reader first time poster.

I’ve been extracting for about a year and a half, small scale. I run passive recovery butane. And recover using a jacketed 6 x 12 collection chamber.

I’m just wondering what the best way to get as much of the extract out, easily, without making s mess.

I’m hoping theres an Ideal spatual or some tool someone can point me to. All the spatulas I’ve tried either were too soft or the shape was wrong.

Anyone have any ideas.

Also heres pictures of my system.


I use my trusty pallette knife and husky scraper. I use the pallete knife to collect from the pot and use the scraper as a surface to collect the hash on then work it off onto the Parchment. If you let the hash heat up in the oven snd melt back into the slab 95% of the time no auto butter happens.


Leave more butane in it so it’s pourable.
Fuck scraping collections. Shit sucks.


Bingo… There may be thin layer left I usually use a piece thin plastic


Fabricate yourself a dip tube for that system. Must be an absolute pain in the ass to empty that pot.


Was already thinking…what a bitch that must be even to pour


What Franklin said, and your quality would improve as well if you’re makin slabs, if you pour out when it’s more liquidy then they can come out smooth…but scraping makes it a pain in the ass to have super sexy shit

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What do you mean exactly? I know what a dip tube is, the solvent tank I’m looking at has one which uses nitrogen pressure to push the liquid up a stainless pipe. Just not exactly sure what you have in mind

He’s talking about on the side or bottom ur collection pot which would have to be done by a professional…u open the valve the extract dissolved in butane comes out…u wait till right before u recover all the fuel

Unfortunately I’m running seedy outdoor nugs . So no sexy shit for a now. But I’m definitely climbing the quality ladder.

Gotcha I’ll probably upgrade to a different pot eventually, definitely gonna get thr drain on the bottom next time

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Just buy an npt dip tube at the proper length


And suck it out to a smaller vessel a real honey pot?

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Or push it out while dissolved in butane. Just enough to flow

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Yeah I meant push it out to smaller vessel…I run passively so I’ll push w nitro

Just a tube that extends almost to the bottom of your tank. If you don’t have a port on your lid that you can dedicate to a dip tube then one other option is to add something like this inline beneath your big ball valve. plumb a line thru the npt port down into the system.

You won’t need nitrogen to get your liquid moving up the dip tube since the pot will be under pressure during recovery anyways.


They wasn’t thinking about retrieving the oil when this was designed

I’m pretty sure my collector is jacketed on the bottom and sides. So the tube would have to go threw 2 walls with welding on both surfaces. I think it would be more more trouble then the collectors worth.

Unless you meant something else.

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The dip tube can extend down from the lid, it wouldn’t be feasible to go through the jacket.

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Yep it has a 1.38 inch gap between the jackets according to my 12 inch caliper.

I’ll just have to use this as motivation to become a better tig welder.

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