Red extract

I decided to do an experiment… i found a couple lbs of reggie in the closet so i decided to try the media bros crx on it. I used 400g to 2lbs of reggie. At 1st it was coming out pink and i thought hell yeah i just made champagme color from reggie. But then as the pot got fuller it turned red. Like wine red. I started with my outlet frim the crc opened about 15% but my scales were moving so slowly that i opened it to about 1/4. Will this taste ok? Is it even safe? Was i throttled too slow? Does it need to go to disti? 20200827_161850|375x500

Woah! Never seen that before

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What do you guys think?


Have a chooch on it !! Tell us what its like !!!


What was the strain? Also if you have a picture of the trim might help

Bro it was reggie lol. I wish i wldve taken a pic for old times sake but i didnt. We broke the bricks up and loaded it up. Dry ice coil going in. Nbutane


How is your filtration set up? Lol I’m curious to see the final product

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I have a mk4c. So my columns attached to the pot. I load the column then put powder on top. Then a filter paper them dutch weave filter disk on top of filter plate. Then top fill

I do believe you are seeing the true colors of your cannabinoids. We see this happen typically when someone uses a little too much CRX or CRY. The media scrubs the oil so much that you are left with mostly cannabinoids and you will see orange or rose colored hues. I will say this is more red than we usually see.

Red, Orange and Purple are oils made from plants where the predominant cannabinoid is THC.

Blue and Green oils are obtained from plants that have a mixed ratio of THC and CBD (1:1 or 1:1.5)

Yellow comes from a unique strain where the predominant cannabinoid produced is CBD (with very little THC).


Ill research that a little more. If so thats pretty cool

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Oxidation of various molecules in the plant.

Pass it over a full column of alumina and watch it disappear!


Assuming you don’t have one of the cheap sintered disks that should be adequate enough and I’d say it’s likely safe to consume.

I’d still try to remove it like @TheGratefulPhil suggested.

200g a lb isn’t a crazy amount of media. I ran the same ratio just fine.

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Nice! Thank you!

thats what i thought too. Do you think 15% open was too slow? Or that shldve been just fine too?

You have obviously summoned a blood demon. Cthulhu awaits your offering.

But yeppers - as @ThatMidasTouch and @TheGratefulPhil pointed out it’s probably one or the other or a combination. In some cases some variations of biomass just produce a red-ish cannabinoid, but then again oxidization is a thing… I usually get the red feedback when people have used too much media.

The media is an alumina-silicate matrix, that said, I haven’t yet seen the results of someone running through alumina after having used our media.


The course grind doesn’t really create any flow restrictions so you may need to throttle it back a bit but I pretty much just ran it like there was no crc.

You may have gone a bit slower than you needed to but I don’t believe that’s why you’re seeing this color.

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You’re probably right about oxidation.
I originally thought anthocyanins were the cause of the red color, but that wouldn’t be the case if the media is working correctly. Next I thought maybe isomerization under low ph, but the media is neutral.


Doesn’t the red color come.from leaving the trichs on the plant to long.

Of course if intial extract is red

Spray a slab! I wanna see this :upside_down_face:


that’s… actually pretty cool looking. has anyone tried it?

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Resin heads themselves with turn red, too