Recycling Roaches

I have accumulated a bunch of Roaches (More like half joints.).
But, I can’t bring myself to just wasting them by throwing them away.
I was wondering if there are any members here who have extracted their Roaches and what their results were?

I guess cut away as much material that is already ashy, and if you still have a considerable amount i might try running some crude and distilling it off.
If that’s out of your reach just roll her up and boof it.

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Give 'em to homeless people.


Why not just unwrap and smoke as bowls…


I used to give the tail end of my carts to homeless as I walked my mile walk into work.

Best way to get the homeless to be cool with you and nice to you in your travels…


Don’t do it! I’ve done it, and extracting them just concentrates literally all the bad tasting shit. Even when I tried to take it to edibles the cookies tasted burnt, and not worth it. Break them up, and smoke bowls or re-roll them. But take them to extracts at your own risk! I had to clean the shit out of my extractor using a couple of different solvents just to get that roach smell out of my extractor.


May nobody actually ever have to do this. By distilling or otherwise extracting Already-Been-Burnt (ABB) material, it also concentrates the bad esters and flavors.

“Bad tasting smoke is the soul of the weed leaving and telling you to fuck off for making it live twice.” (Old Portland proverb)


Am i the only one that loves to smoke generation blunts?? thats is really what gets me trashed! when weed just aint doing it for me…

i will take a few of my roaches…break them up… add them to about 50% fresh weed… a whole bunch of disty… and im fucking high as hell!

Man its the enjoyable part of ending a vacation is smoking a generation blunt right before jumping on a plane and stinking like shitty weed! :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

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You can run all of it with etoh and try your best to get a good result.

rinse with a longer hydrocarbon and carbon scrub.


This would just be concentrating things you never wanted to concentrate.


Then rip them open first

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We used to do generation joints but it would be you roll up your roaches and smoke the joint and that’s 2nd generation, you save enough 2nd gen roaches to make a 2nd gen joint and eventually you get to 3rd generation. My buddy from back in the day got up to 6th gen which if you think about it is a LOT of joints…

Around that time I took an aquarium cleaning tube and filled it with buds and then smoked joints through it and we would smoke through it for weeks and then take that stuff and man would it get you wrecked.


Might be.
Roach joints make me gag, I use to be able to hang when I was younger.
As for Blunt Roaches, I have no problem throwing those nasty things out the only thing worse than a blunt roach is wasting my smoke in a nasty blunt.
If I wanted to smoke tobacco with my Cannabis I well wouldn’t.
I can’t even see why a lot of people in Europe mix their cannabis with tobacco, just not good for the lungs.


i only smoke hemp blunts… ive not smoked a tobacco blunt even taken a hit from one in over 5 years…


Okay thank god dude it was starting to get to me thinking about smoking that much tobacco haha

You can roll your cigarette buts and smoke ‘em if you like @Pneuma.
Because, that’s what it would be like if you were to re-roll blunts made from Cigars.

How about 3rd gen roach doobs. Awesome.

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I can’t hang with any generations of Roaches anymore.
My 13 year old version of me would kick my ass if I just through them out.
Thinking of just donating them to some homeless Tweakers.
Don’t want to waste my solvent if they’ll still taste nasty in the final product.
Especially, if they’ll make my rig all nasty and roachy.

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