Recovery tank capacity


Is there a reason that these butane tanks only come with 25 lbs. The capacity of the recovery tank is 80% of the WC weight listed correct? So if I have a 50 lb tank and the WC is 47lb, I can recover up to 37 lb?


This always confused me as well. I’m hoping someone can shed some light onto this.


You need to account for the difference in density between water and n-butane.

Specific gravity for n-butane @25C=.601

47lb WC X .8 X .601= 22.6lb n-butane capacity @ %80 full @ 25C.

Your tank can only hold 28.2 lb n-butane total before it’s completely full at room temp.

For some perspective:
1 gallon water==== 8.3 lb
1 gallon n-butane= 4.8 lb


Thanks thats what I was looking for