Recovery pump selection.


@precisionnick YEAH!!! A dry oilless diaphragm based hydrocarbon pump! Sounds like our prayers have been answered :D:D:D:D:D

You guys really are one step ahead…


If anyone has any more info or recommendations on recovery pumps, I’m also lookin to dump 11 CMEP-OL pumps and trade up for somethin better.

The CMEP-OL R600A pump has been a solid pump for under $2500, but the top ends need to be rebuilt within 200 hours or less (less for me). I f you don’t get the top end replaced fast enough, or before it starts to fail, the connectin rod bearings become compromised by the solvent and then leak PTFE grease into the system.
Now, parts for these CMEP-OL parts are out of stock. I can’t seem to locate many of the parts I need, which makes me think these pumps are droppin off or the manufacturer is not keepin up.

Lookin for a pump that will work good with a 5lb closed loop system, which runs isobutane.

Thanks gang,


There really easy to rebuild. You can get rhe ceramic bearings off ebay for 20$. I uhave 4 and they have easy 40k lbs if gas thru them before rebuidling. Just my experience


Also check ecogeeen they have all parts in stock pkus with the liquid cooled radiators they work great for me and when i empty my tank i have tank i have anout 150# of gas out in the system at all times and i get a lb every 70 seconds


I appreciate the input.

I have 11 of these pumps in rotation and have been runnin them (6 at a time, 35hrs/week each) for about 3 years now. I rebuild all of them myself. They are very easy to rebuild. The downside is that other parts fail, such as heads, pistons, barrels, etc. EcoGreen Industries (the supplier for these pumps in some way) no longer has parts in stock. Over the course of the last 6 months or so, my orders have become limited to one- two- or just a few of certain items per order. Now, they have pert near nothin available.

If they can’t keep these parts in stock, I’ll have to source a new pump, which I’m currently tryin to prep for right now.



I have two Gen 1 pumps, seven Gen 2 pumps and two Gen 3 pumps. The Gen 3 pumps are the only ones without the onboard condenser.

I like the Gen 3 better, as there is more room to work on the gauge side head :smiley:



Ya i guess there bound ro phase them out eventually, my first three leaked right outta the box but the next four have been soldier’s. All i run is crude so hor and fast i get about a lb per 70 seconds with just melt ice. The liquid cooled radiators changed the game for those things i had, out an old chiller on there and now it hit the heat exchangers as a liquid i could probably get rid of them honestly