Recovery pump selection.


They work great, and we use them. It is just really alot of money to slap down for the air compressor and all the accesories like the dryer, filter and plumbing. You can’t beat it for c1d1, but the inital expense of the accesories puts alot of people off.


Although not medical grade or purdy. I built a dryer using a donor 80 gallon junk compressor and dessicant, a filter is fairly simple to build as well. I think I have about 700.00 into my 35 cfm shop compressor with DIY dryer I use for painting, sandblasting etc. I could probably replicate it for a lab but I’m really cheap and try to do things cheaply when I can. That ext420 isn’t really cheap either but you could maybe score a used one needing a rebuild

If you’re at all interested in the poverty tek like me here are some diy air dryer links:


how much butane/min can a single mvp recover? I’ve seen other posts you comment on and know you’re running a couple of those, figure your the right guy to ask.


yep. I can confirm that the VapourSmartz are belt driven.

I was getting a sustained recovery rate close to 1lb/hr (100lb in 110-120min) once I got it dialled in.


Anyone have any experience with the CaresaveUniversal Recovery Unit?


Yeah. Avoid them. They are not oil free, and are slow.


Thank You


I’ve been using cmepol for years with easily 100k lbs If has ran they them, I run a filter dryer if sorts on the out side to catch any contaminates or seal piece that might be going into my tank and it dries my gas twice I think there the best pumpnif your budget is only 5k. I would like to try the mastervapor but until these four cmepol’s are Completely dead I still rock them I know a lot of people don’t like them and have had problems this is just my experience over the last couple years and my opinion


@precisionnick Are you able to share any info on the DP5000 with us? I saw some pics of it from MJBizcon.

Also, do you expect the oil-less reciprocating gas compressors from companies like Blackmer (supplier of Precision’s GC5000) to become non-compliant in the future do to them not being food safe?

For those curious, the DP in DP5000 stands for diaphragm pump, and it is their new food safe and GMP compliant hydrocarbon recovery pump. You can find a few pics on their IG from MJBizcon.

On a separate note: Does anyone out there have one of the new Master Vapor Pumps MVP 150’s yet?

I am honestly not the biggest fan of that company for several reasons and haven’t heard that many good reviews of their first pump, but I’m still interested to hear opinions.


Hey Tech,

Thank you for your interest. As of right now, I can share some info, let me know what you would like to know. However you should know, the pump is not for sale yet. We are still undergoing final certification and testing, therefore things like prices, lead time, certifications I won’t be able to share. The basics are its a 100% food safe, PTFE/SS dry oilers diaphragm pump rated for butane and propane. The unit is designed and manufactured for us custom. Our supply chain and support system should be robust once we are able to bring the product to market.

I think we are a long way out from GMP regulations in the cannabis space, may less so in the hemp space now that we are federally legal. That doesn’t really matter, because no one will use light hydrocarbon for hemp anyway therefore redefining the DP5000 useless in that space. With all that said, from a practical means, when ran correctly, pumps like the GC5000 with iron ductile internals have an extremely low risk of cross contamination, especially when ran with a post filter. There is a much higher risk assessment from other sources such as biomass, solvent, etc. I would say we are 5+ years out from GMP or NSF regulation in the cannabis space as it pertains to artisanal light hydrocarbon cannabis extracts.




We are already required to meet GMP regulations in the cannabis space Canada (as of: October 17, 2018)


Of course, but for purposes of this conversation, hydrocarbon was non applicable to Canada until a few weeks ago. I stand corrected now that the new legislation has passed allowing use of LPG in Canada.


Hey Nick thanks for getting back to me.

Can you say anything about pumping capacity on the DP5000?

How about maximum discharge pressure?

Decibel rating during operation?


I cannot comment at this point as the product is still in final R&D. We will have those numbers for public consumption in the next 30 days or so.


Just trying to save anyone here the hassle if you’re considering a CMEP-OL pump, don’t. Build quality and engineering is abysmal, they’re not actually oilless and thanks to poor quality build and seals in enough time they will definitely spew grease and other contaminants into your solvent gas stream.

I know they aren’t cheap but if you look at the quality industrial grade vapor pumps like Blackmer, they all use an inert ballast gas like nitrogen to keep the solvent gas from invading the crankcase and washing oil and grease out of the bearings (and the associated failures and knocking that would happen shortly thereafter as a direct result)


If I had the money for one I would get a Haskell or cmep-ol


What will be the price?


Why not just go passive? Honestly for anything less than 100ish pounds of solvent you should be able to relatively easily get 1lb/min recovery. If you need help DM me.


@precisionnick Any new info on the DP5000 yet?

Also, has anyone on the board used any of the new Master Vapor Pump products? They released their new MVP 150 awhile ago but I haven’t heard any reviews or seen any in action yet. Same for their liquid pump and heater.

I have also heard that Haskel is slowly working on a new air amplifier based on their 4AAD-2 that uses less air (less knocking) and moves around 3X the vapor of the EXT-420.

Hopefully this year we will have some new and improved options for recovery pumps.


The DP5000 preformed excellent under initial testing. We are creating the final product papers now. Overall we saw a recovery rate from .5-.75lb/minute on a PX1 system. Remember that is largely a function of rate of distillation and not pump speed.

We will be releasing the product soon.