Recovery pump questions

Ok so I’m running a 6x36 jacket storage vessel so I’ve bin looking into recovery pumps, but what I’ve seen is that with a everyone’s saying trs21 and cemp ol both are Recovering 15lbs of butane one around 1-2hrs depending on the size of the lines. My question is what pumps are you guys running and the recovery time on how every many pounds your using?

I’m running a passive system and my average recovery time is roughly an 1hr and 20 mins

Details on how your passive system is set up?

6x36 dewax column average temp is around -60c
Thru dual inline crc’s which are nitrogen assisted, into a 6x36 collection vessel fully jacketed including base which initial collection temp is around 0c then heated to 70-80f, this is my little trick once the collection vessel is full I vent off the nitrogen built up in the collection vessel and then begin my recovery which is don’t by using a 20 gallon trash can putting my recover tank into the trash can and filling it with dry ice prior to beginning my dump from dewax so that when I start my recovery tank temperature is roughly -60c to -80c

There’s a ton of variables, thats lretty slow for a cmepol but also depends on your ability to create vapor and your ability to cool it. After those 2 pumps the next realistic size will be alot more expensive or require a compressor to run it if you go pneumatic over electric


Yea my whole thing is I wanna go from recovering in about an 1hr n 20mins to maybe like 10-30 mins which I know sounds crazy but if I’m Recoverying at the same rate as a trs21 with just dry ice and temperatures in my jacket there gotta be something I can do to speed things up

Bigger lines will help eitherway, how many #s are you using per run?

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A trs21 and a cmep are NOT the same speed.
The cmep is almost twice as fast during the peak and cost half as much in dry ice to keep to coil cold.
I revover 35 lbs in around an hour with a cmep.
A trs21 is 2lbs a min on its peak of the curve. But drops after


I run about 3-4lbs of trim against 16lbs of n-butane

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See but this is where shit fucks me up ur saying a trs21 can pull 2lbs a min on its curve how long is its curve and even if the peak of the curve only last 5 mins that’s 10lbs of solvent meaning I would be done in maybe 20 mins or so with a trs21 but that’s not what I’ve bin seeing


No the curve is small.
A cmep does 1lb a min at its peak.

A trs 21 will take you about an hour for 15 lbs. Probably slower since your using ntane.

Everything i have mentioned so far has been using 404020 isobutane n butane propane.
So my speeds will be faster on the same setup

Short answer. Get a cmep if you dont want to change anything. You will run faster then you are now. A single trs21 is not the answer. But will be close to what your recovering at now.

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Get a better heater and bigger lines (plural) and you’ll do that in less than 30 min guaranteed, without a loud, slow, dirty pump. Save the 2-3k and get a better heater, bigger lines, maybe lid for the collection with bigger ports, and coil(s). A single half inch line can easily get you over ½ a min.

And you shouldn’t be venting off the nitrogen from the collection. You should remove it from the system after everything has gone through phase change. IE after it’s gone the tank and all of the solvent is a liquid far below its boiling points.


Here’s a more than adequate heater. This is capable of putting out enough heat to recover more than 1lb a min. If you searched for it through touch science or the other imported companies, you can probably find it cheaper. But, USA labs will warranty their products and they are stateside.


@usalabs are my go to people for everything and I have 1/2 ports on my lid but cause of the 1/4 port on the recovery tank I kept the line size at 1/4 in I’ll just get a bigger line and get an adapter for the tank


How hot are you recovering?

I’m not here to argue active vs passive recovery, there’s others on this forum who have more experience with both than I do, but do beware of the pumps you are considering using. The TRS is considered “ignition proof / spark proof” but the manufacturer isn’t suggesting that you use it with R600a (isobutane). Factory TRS setup is a regular 120V plug, which isn’t cool with anything even close to a C1D1/C1D2 zone.

The CMEP is advertised as “oilless” but the factory case design is garbage and given enough time butane can and will leak past the articulating pistons and seal rings, get into the grease in the rod bearings and when the low pressure side goes from positive pressure into vacuum it will then blow the seals out, and when that grease gets on the piston walls it will invariably get pushed into your vapor stream. The CMEP depending on revision may be ATEX but it’s not certified for C1D1/D2 zones and the cord setup doesn’t cut it for a C1D1/C1D2 zone.

There’s ways to make the CMEP better (like a vent and a check valve for the crankcase) but you should be aware of the limitations of both.

Better option is bigger lines, more heating & cooling and go passive, or spend the big bucks to get a Haskell, Blackmer or MVP, IMO.


78f/25c. At about 2lbs a min avg.

Have an 18kw heater


Didnt want to make a new thread…

For someone wanting to upgrade from two CMEPs using 70/30

Is there a good upgrade option thats not too much louder? A screw air compressor isnt out of the question


You kinda read my mind. Was thinking about this myself

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Approximately what temp is your solvent tank during recovery? -70ish? This is the bottleneck on my personal setup. Current chiller doesn’t do much better than -25C. Recovery with CMEP takes 3.5 min per lb of isoButane. At that rate, I’m considering just switching to passive so I don’t have to maintain the pump.

I’ve gotten 1lb/min using the GC-5000 from Precision paired with a Julabo chiller that stayed around -65C during recovery. Also hit 1lb/min with a dual Haskell setup paired with a shitty underpowered chiller that stayed around -20C during recovery. Water bath temp around 25-28C in all cases. I’ve never really tried to go passive except when the CMEP malfunctioned during a run. With the recovery rates you’re getting, it seems like a no-brainer to go passive vs using a pump.