Recommended reading/tutorials on fungus cultivation

I’m interested in cultivating some fungus. I’m interested in what it may do for the seasonal depression I get in late winter…i hear taking a good trip can sort that out a bit.

Anyway…its something I’ve been around for years but never read about myself…the cultivation part.

I’m sure with all these bright minds here, someone can point me in the right direction…


Paul Stamets has great books on the subject. Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms will teach much of the general science along with specific info on types of mushrooms, some of them magic. He has a couple books specific to psilocybin mushrooms too, but I haven’t read them yet. I have read a couple of his other books, Mycelium Running and The Mushroom Cultivator, both highly informative and enjoyable to read. Lots of info on the webz; look up PF tek for the og home production method, but lots of better techniques out there now. Main thing is keeping everything sterile to prevent contamination.


I’ve seen some kits advertised online and there are some cool documentaries - check out “Magic Truffles” too
I’d start with a kit

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I learned a ton from and watching roger rabbit let’s grow mushrooms videos.


If you like to just buy the stuff to make your life easier sells the grain and substrate for all your legal mushroom needs

You can buy syringes and inoculate the grain bags pretty easily with a lighter and a 4$ still air box tote


Also for spores I like this site:

Some of my favorite stains were oak ridge, z strain, penis envy 6, and mazatapec


Same roger rabbit helped me out alot on shroomery.
I also recommend ralphster spores!
Youll need a pressure cooker, mason jars, pillow stuffing(not cotton), wild bird seed, silicone sealant, breathable tape, tin foil, spray bottle, manure preferably from a big animal like deer or cow, lysol, goggles, breathing masks and cleaning alcohol.
Pretty much can get all of that from walmart.

Predrill a small hole and a 1/2" hole in a mason jar lid, cover the small hole with the silicone sealant, and the big hole with breathable tape.
Prepare a small room, like a closet or a bathroom by lysoling the shit out of it for a minute or two and repeat every 10 minutes for an hour. (U want to kill all the bacteria in the room as u can) get a fan to pull air from the room when u do the final spray and close the room.
Sterilize the wild bird seed in the mason jars with the lids cracked open to let it breath inside. As soon as its done close all the lids and replace any tape that got loose. Take those to ur lysoled room and bring a lighter and some alcohol.
Take a liquid culture syringe and use the silicone sealed holes for piercing the jar and push in a couple mls in two sections of the jar. Youll want to wipe down and burn ur needle between each jar. Repeat for all ur jars.
Let those sit for like 2 weeks on a shelf, youll see nice fuzzy healthy white growth over time.
You can now use those jars to make more liquid culture or use grain to grain transfer to directly make more jars.
(One jar can make hundreds of liquid culture syringes, and each syringe can make 10+ jars, do the math and u can have thiusands of jars in months.)
If u want to start growing ur mushrooms, i suggest using the tub tek.
Basically take a clear plastic tub, line the bottom half with tin foil to shield the mushrooms from light, drill a couple holes in the side and fill with “polyfill” to make air filters.
Mix 50/50 manure and wild bird seed after they have been sterilized in the PC. Put one layer of the new blend about inch thick, then layer one colonized jar broken up gently and spread across the tub, then repeat until ur about 6 inches thick. Bins can be stacked but need to be misted often maybe every other day, make sure u have good air flow but not a fan drying them out. I would get hundreds and hundreds of mushrooms and almost 4 or 5 flushes of healthy canopies.
Liquid culture is as easy as 4% honey solution in RO water, drop 5 or 6 grains of innoculated bird seed and watch the fuzz grow, i would make full mason jars that would make litterly hundreds of syringes of liquid culture.
P.S. i did all of this on like a 200 dollar budget in high school, i got half my school high for free :joy::wink:


I had my first success growing shrooms using the PF tek over 20 years ago, pre-internet. There was a PF tek booklet about 20 pages long sold by Robert McPherson. It was advertised in high times.

I would go that route if trying to learn, or buy pre-sterilized substrate.


I’ve got a buddy who is currently in the process. I helped him last weekend get out a big ass pressure cooker to sterilize the medium. Checked out his modest little set up.

Looks like I’ve got some research and reading to do.

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You can do PF Tek without a pressure cooker, but it takes longer to sterilize.

If you go with a pressure cooker, get something big, like 20+ quart capacity so you can use 1/2 gallon jars in it.

4 Likes look in “myco’s old archives” a ton of information and it’s laid out fairly nice.


My buddies and I grew some shrooms back in the day. It’s pretty easy to do, once you get the right equipment.

Have you thought about dmt? The thought of tripping for hours on end, even a low level one, is not a pleasant one for me anymore lol.


All you ppl grow shroomies? I guess I was spoiled to just go shroom picking in cattle fields in fla back in the day. Garbage bags and garbage bags FULL!

Rinse off and eat. All while dodging the farmer shooting salt rock at us for tipping his cows after they kicked in.


Make sure you call the cow farmer first so you don’t get shot lol


I always used the premade bags for easiest way
They came sealed w the spores in the same bag but seperated by twisting the bag up, when you get it you untwist it to let the spores fall into the rye Berry’s. Was really easy

Those aquarium kits where great too but took so much more work preparing all the medium to be sterile


Good or “bad” trip, always a new vision , always a self realization, I am def into this as well,
I would like to make capsules of said fungus, for focus and memory, when i,m not searching is when I uncover what I’ve been seeking
just a hint of understanding of reality, … or not
A rare and different tune , can be found


I remeber doing that early 90s, skinny stems ,small grey blue caps, they tasted like shit:rofl:,
But those salt rocks though, eeeesh


What shrooms dont taste bad? Lol
If u want to get away from the nasty taste and the nasuea, u can extract the mushrooms with ethanol, then rotovape at like 30C and youll be left with psilocibin crystals, all the fun of the high, without the nasuea, and the come on is like 15 min not 40 min.
Store in a vac sealed container in a cool place if u want to store it, dont heat it in anyway


Golden teachers taste like chips to me, and I’ll eat them as such.


Do you have a SOP for that you wanna share?