Really? 2ml/gram will be a new standard for Disposables used for vaping Cannabis oils? 510Carts

Why Two-Gram Vapes Are Becoming the New Industry Standard?

What’s your opinion?

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As the cannabis industry grows and legality opens up, bringing 2 grams of disposable delta-8 vapes to market makes more economic sense.

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:ok_hand:Agreed. Btw, what if we develop a 3-gram disposable? Will it comply with the marketing going? thanks


I wanna see an oil that is good after 1g…


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Nah man in looking for something sustainable that wont fuck up the landfils even more with expensive recycling cost noone dares to take on…

And something that wont be riuned after 0.5g caue the heat control is meant for smoking and not vaping oils( as agreed by many the difference between medicinal healty use and rec dabadabdab unhealty version).

But thank you for your offer maybe someone is in the complete diametrical mindset than I am :upside_down_face:


** Sustainable, and environment friendly, great point, i believe it’s future direction that many vape actors are striving for

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Yes man this is the way to go…

Charge 30 instead of 20 and make it recyclable…

You ll have an marketing edge since this is for stoners and medical patients alike,they should share this emphaty towards theyr surrounding.

At least when theyll take a good hit a small epiphany might occur.

1 gram carts with easy 2-5 gram syringe refills is what I want to see.

2-gram carts will require I completely redesign my packaging.

No thank you.

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