Rant | To my D8 Vape guys, your world is about to change

We just got back from Champs. Nearly every single D8 Brand has LIVE RESIN plastered all over their booth, yet when pressed, we were pretty baffled to learn nearly all of these brands aren’t using Live Resin whatsoever. Most of them are straight up knowingly lying, and the others that seem to have at least some integrity have done some serious mental gymnastics to justify how their 2% Steam-Derived “Live Resin Terpenes” justifies their bastardization of what Live Resin truly means.

Look, you do you, but let it be known we are working with the largest D8 brands on the planet, who are HEAVILY investing in formulations that use TRUE Cryogenically-Extracted Live Resin Concentrates and Cryo-Distilled Terpenes that taste and smoke phenomenal. The people have spoken, and the days of shit-taste, shit-formulation D8 products misrepresenting the essence of Live Resin are coming to an end. So my question to you is simple, what happens when the D8 markets can pick up True Live Resin D8 products for the same price or cheaper than yours?

End of Rant.

– Devin Christy | Co-Founder | 949.445.9810


You guys do hemp derived THCa live resin too? Or is hemp THC just a gummy thing?


Is it compliant D8?

Are the typical reaction byproducts present?

That’s a bold claim. I can show you some 40lb pipe bombs that are cranking out CBD live resin on the regular. How many lbs a day are you all running?


We produce Strain-Specific Live Resin Concentrates derived from 100% Fresh-Frozen Hemp grown organically from our Farm in Oregon.

Our concentrates are primarily used by D8 producers as a flavor and euphoria enhancer. We also have quite a few online retailers that sell our Live Resin Concentrates directly to consumers as a dabbable. And lastly, we do have some CBD companies that use our Live Resin Concentrates in their Retail Products.

@Future – Sent you a DM With our COA Folder so you can see exactly what we have going on.

“My catalyzed poison is better than yours cuz we put terps in it”


I may be going out on a limb here but I would dare say, you are over inflating your sense of self-importance and as such-


Hemp game problems with hemp game solution…


Honestly, I tend to agree with you on this one. I don’t personally smoke D8 and won’t, my main point of contention is false or at best misleading marketing practices. But yes, we still have no idea of the long-term effects of smoking all these synthetic and semi-synthetics… a big reason why we’ve gone all-in on Live Resin.


LOL this is actually a banger, thanks for sharing.

I apologize, but you can’t have a “Live” anything from a CBD conversion…

You’re trying to take advantage in total public view with your “largest” CBD processing plant in the US… Absolute Bullshit…

Besides most live extracted CBD I’ve experienced smells like pepper, or is “peppery”…


The marketing language used to stretch catalyzed cannabinoids into live resin is actually impressive lol


I concur!


I think you misunderstood my post. As our post clearly states, we produce 100% Pure Live Resin Concentrate, we do nothing whatsoever with conversions. My rant is about D8 Brands misrepresenting their products, I’ve said nothing whatsoever implying otherwise. We sell our Live Resin Concentrates to D8 companies that use our Concentrates as Flavor and Euphoria enhancers.

In regards to your negative experiences with CBD concentrates thus far, I’m happy to send you samples of our Live Resin CBD, just submit your information on our website :slight_smile:

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I’ve made some live resin MDMA before. I mean it was made from safrole which was extracted from sassafras oil which was extracted from a tree that was alive at some point in time.


No, no you don’t but thanks for trying…

With market conditions the way they are, d8 brands are going to do whatever to maximize their margins. Also with the common man spending more of his hard earned money on food, gas, energy etc etc, and with the way all of that is inflating like crazy.

The real question is; can you produce your live resin cheaper then terp companies can synth/extract and mix their terp blends?

D8 brands love to use buzzwords. They don’t give 2 shits whats actually in there, they just care about getting the sales to the distro companies. Hard truths.

Still feel there is place and need for boutique products. Wish ya the best of luck! Got a site where I try one of your products?


It seems like this is the wrong platform to try and educate people on the sneaky marketing strategies of d8 companies. The people here know all of that already.

I did request a sample via your site. Looking forward to seeing what’s up with them and will report back :call_me_hand:


Unfortunately, I agree with all of this. Most D8 brands are inherently dishonest, my rant was mainly a call-out due to my disgust with the severe lack of integrity I saw at Champs recently. In regards to our ability to compete with synthetics and industrial terpene brands, that’s an economy of scale game we will have to play to know for certain, but I whole-heartedly believe knowledgable consumers and purpose-driven brands will demand the highest quality ingredients for their products as these markets mature. Don’t get me wrong, there will always be the gas-station $8 cart, but we’ve bet our entire business on producing the highest quality extracts at the lowest possible prices so we will just have to wait and see how things unfold.

And yes, would love to send you some samples – just fill out our Sample Request Form and I’ll get those shipped out right away:) – Live Spectrum - Bulk Live Resin CBD Oil


I mean even real d9 companies don’t have real
Live resin so what does it matter people still buy it