Raffle Drawing for Stainless Cryovessel Reactor and donating 10% to @StoneD

I cherish the GLG and this forum. Especially the relationships I have built over the last couple of years of actively participating in both.

I am humbled by the generous spirit prevalent in our community and the lengths some of us will go to help each other out.

From fundraising for a member after a car accident to providing a frustrated processor with the missing steps in their SOP that enables them to put food on their table, there is no shortage of generosity to be witnessed on the daily.

Now I am asking for your help with my biggest project.

We need help raising funds for our cannabis manufacturing facility in Sacramento and I would be stoked to have some of you to contribute to building it out. I will not forget your help!

We have some super clean equipment sitting around unused, what better use for it than a raffle!!! Win- Win!

  1. First Item we are raffling off is a stainless cryogenic reactor
  • Used 125 liter Integrated Biosystems Cryovessel
  • 316L stainless steel construction,
  • approximately 20" diameter x 30" straight side,
  • removable dish top
  • internal rated 50 psi and full vacuum at 280F high parameters and 15 psi at -112F low parameters
  • jacket rated 65 psi and full vacuum at 280F max and -112F min
  • with forklift access,
  • certified by Precision Stainless
  • Stainless full length wall-to-wall mixing paddles inside
  • ASME U-stamped

Since an identical listing is on eBay for $10K we are selling a

  • maximum of 60 tickets
  • $200 per ticket
  • minimum reserve to trigger raffle drawing is 40 tickets
  • This is a very well made reactor and you can have a chance to win a $10K unit for as little as $200!

Whoever wins will end up with badass gear at a fraction of its value, and we are setting our reserve at $8K instead of the $10K selling price on eBay. Plus we are going to allocate 10% of the $8K to 2 other members in need.

When we reach our minimum reserve (40 tickets at $200) to trigger the raffle we will donate 5% ($400) to Catrippp and 5% ($400) to StoneD.

How to enter:

Send your payment to $mosaiclabs through CashApp with a note containing your phone number and screen name and Michelle will send you a picture of your raffle ticket(s). When the reserve is met we will mix all the tickets up and draw a winner randomly.

You will be responsible for freight costs, but we can set it up for you. We work closely with freight carriers and can probably get discounted rates. We can facilitate forklift loading if necessary.

We are offering equity compensation for those interested in investing in our company. Send me your email and I’ll forward our investor packet.


I anticipate it taking some time to sell 40 tickets at $200 each and the raffle will remain active until the reserve is met or 4 weeks have passed. If the reserve is not met by that time we will immediately refund everyone’s raffle funds.

I will be adding some smaller items to this list as the opportunities present themselves. These items will have lower ticket prices. Any tickets from this raffle will be eligible to convert into any of my other raffles’ tickets at equivalent dollar value in the event this reserve is not met after 4 weeks :call_me_hand::call_me_hand::call_me_hand:


This is an awesome offer, and thank you for throwing it up! I’ll have to take a step to the side though, and say that all of it should go to @StoneD ! Most everything is still sitting for me for now, and he needs more help because he’s unable to work right now etc. Thank you for the wonderful offer though!


@Capttripppp you’re a good dude and I will honor your request by doubling down on @StoneD share of the pot!

Fuck it… @StoneD anything over $7K is yours buddy :call_me_hand:

Now everyone help me spread the word about this raffle!


Good day my friends!

For those of you who have been fundraising, launching or fighting to keep your California cannabis business open during this global pandemic and the subsequent asphyxiation from overbearing government restriction, I know you feel the frustration in what I’m about to say.

My partner and I put everything we had into licensing and permitting our manufacturing facility. We’ve gone all-in. We dedicated the last 2.5 years of our time and money to this project. But we have reached the end of our financial rope. We came to a point last August when we were faced with the reality of being able to afford our home or our facility…and we sacrificed our home to keep the dream of owning our own cannabis business alive.

Since then we have fought through every step of licensing and permitting in what is easily the most difficult regulatory landscape in the industry. We have been granted our type 6 provisional license in Sacramento and our building permits to construct our lab.

I have been pitching to investors for 2 years now. We had serious traction with a financial partner back in August of 2019 and were days away from wrapping up negotiations when the vape crisis exploded and our investors vanished into thin air. They literally ghosted us. At this point I had no choice but to throw myself into the hemp game and began processing and consulting for different facilities.

After several months I started landing sizeable contracts and there was a light at the end of tunnel when the next trapdoor opened beneath my feet as I was accused of stealing a couple hundred kilos of isolate. We all know this was disproven and my name eventually cleared. But those 6 weeks of dealing with the accusation saw the disappearance of a $800,000 contract I had landed and the confiscation of another clients product by the accusing party. Product I was owed $160,000 for having already processed. But now instead of being paid for my work the clients were demanding I compensate them for the $1.2mm in product that was confiscated. Long story short I was cleared of all charges and the processed product was returned to my clients. But I was never paid and my other clients had lost confidence and vanished into thin air.

I give my heart and soul to this community, constantly connecting people and providing them the network and resources they need to succeed. I also take great pride in providing top shelf products to all my clients. Even Future trusts my product enough to give to his own family.

Long story short, I’m here to stay. I’m dedicated to the (borderline obsessed) cannabis plant and at this point it is my life’s work. I am determined to process high quality product in my own facility.

I did not come from a financial background nor did I grow up with any money. In fact I grew up dirt poor. My partner and I have spilled blood sweat and tears to achieve what we have in this life.

I love this forum and am humbled by the philanthropic spirit that is prevalent in our community. Helping other members solve complex issues or source quality materials and products is what makes every day exciting and inspiring. I will say this again and again and again because it is truly what I spend my days doing.

We are not asking for charitable donations.

We are raffling off some unused equipment.

And if we can help out other members in need along the way we are happy to. Which is why I’m extending a portion of the proceeds to @StoneD.


To help those in need.

You need food dude? Drowning in medical bills? I can send you a Safeway card so you can buy yourself some groceries.

Is it even legal to crowd source for money for a legal marijuana business? In Washington they’d pull your license for this



I’m not asking for handouts. I’m selling some equipment.

And yes bills are brutal. Sucked me dry. But again not asking for charity. Just selling some equipment and trying to help others simultaneously. If I had $1000 to give StoneD right now I would. But I don’t.

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Can I piggyback on the fundraising? Daddy wants to upgrade from his 200k house to a 450k house.


I’ll buy a raffle ticket for a few corn nuts and a an empty crumpled pack of cigarettes


I had to refrain from this posting, glad to see most were on the same page :joy:.

Also the picture you posted says it’s allowable for equity…


I get it why a lot of folks here think this raffle is a hustle or whatnot, but come on. It definitely seems to be a raffle for both profit and charity. What’s wrong with doing both at the same time? With 60 max tickets, the max would be $12,000, with $1,200 given away, leaving at most $10,800 in proceeds from the raffle. I don’t see why there’s a problem with going this route as opposed to just selling or auctioning the item and keeping all the profit for himself.

Can’t help but think a lot of people are more butthurt because of prejudice from the Nevada fiasco. I’m sure tons of other members could have started a similar raffle that would have been well received by all the same people who are concerned about the ethics of this raffle. I don’t know @Mosaic_Co-Labs or what really happened, and it doesn’t matter to me either way.

I get some think he’s taking advantage of a situation for profit. That is true. If that was the only motivation, that would be shitty, but he is donating 10%. Is the real issue here that some of you don’t believe he will actually follow through with the donation?


So your totally cool with someone asking for help to build out a cannabis manufacturing facility? Sorry, but this runs me the wrong way. That’s calls asking for investors NOT begging for donations. At least the “investors” get a kickback on their investment.

And 10% to @StoneD
Come on, 10% (lol). Your begging for free money.


Just my opinion, for what it’s worth…
I don’t think that he is taking advantage of the situation, and I believe he has good intentions. For real though, for $200, or however much you could win a pretty fucking decent piece of equipment. This isn’t really specific to building out the lab, or whatever. It’s concerning this 1 piece of equipment… Everything else is circumstantial…
I get him throwing out the he needs investors, and that should really be separate from this thread, and raffle. If you have 2K, hit him up for piece of that shit! He already posted that 2 is delineation line between raffle ticket purchase, and an investment in the company. If I had 2K to invest I would do it, and I would do it happily because I’m convinced that he knows what he is doing, and will be able to turn a profit in the long run.
Again, just my 2 cents for what it’s worth


I’m staying outta this one I don’t wanna get caught in the crossfire

Much respect though on both parties and for the love tossing me in there mosaic. I don’t think he meant anything off by it though


It’s a common ethics question. In high school these kids were making t shirts for their lame brand, they made a Japan earthquake relief fund by siphoning 10% off any purchases. Was it shady? Idk. Did people care about their shirts? Idk. I think they just wanted to donate.

It’s like livestrong with Lance Armstrong or red cross etc.


:sweat_smile::rofl::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::rofl::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::laughing::sweat_smile::rofl::joy::rofl::sweat_smile::laughing: I’m sorry I can’t help myself


I have 75k I can invest. I’ll need a contract as well as 9% interest. I can even do a royalty deal if you like. Shark tank… my pockets are deep!


I call that a hustle, not begging in the street corner like a FN BUM!!

And fak livestrong! He got caught doping.


I do, he blantly piggybacked on your misfortune to get cash.

Get a job vs begging! This may not go over so well with the “powers above”, it’s the principal and morals. Seems that’s missing in the younger gen.