r134a hemp and cannabis extraction advice and comments


See my picture above of the residue. In your extract. That came out of your machine and extracted by your guys’ own staff.

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Katya will yell at you and tell you that you can get it tested. Granted, dealing with my bosses is extremely frustrating. But, I also sat silent on those conference calls and heard how she was responding and spoke.


This is what i made with r143a extraction after winterization process. I haven’t use pure 5 machine but another equipment that use r134 with a recovery vessel under vacum (you can set temperature, vacuum, time) to remove all the residual solvent in a single step process.
The products sounds good, the only problems are the yelds, if you don’t decarb starting material you have low yelds and better taste, if you decarb starting material have a good yields less terpenes content. It is like CO2 subcritical extraction
In any case low waxes inside the extracts.
If you want a better yelds without decarboxilation you need hig pressure, but you but so you lose convenience of buying cheaper equipment (what I used was up to 10 bars)
There are some machine that can work in continuos mode and closed loop system, so you can continuosly add fresh solvent in the same time you perform the extraction and recovery.
R134a solvent could be with pharmaceutical grade certification or not. Consider that it is used in propellant formulation as Sativex.


One step process from indistial hemp biomass


I understand it’s in inhalers, i looked at mine when i got back home yesterday,sure enough r134a is listed as the propellant. … It’s a propellant yes but people do not usually inhale the vapors set past 400°F.

That leads me to my next concern, what if someone doesn’t fully purge out the r134a? They’ll be inhaling deadly chemicals that are a bi-product of r134a


Indeed, big difference between inhalers and vaped extract…
Might get some completely unstudied fluorinated cannabinoids during the decomposition of left over r134a and subsequent reactions of HF with the extract vapor.
While it may not be ozone depleting, it is worth noting that the global warming potential of r134a is 1430 times higher than CO2…

But the lack of flamability is cool and all.

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Again : Wikipedia:

Contact of 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane with flames or hot surfaces in excess of 250 °C (482 °F) may cause vapor decomposition and the emission of toxic gases including hydrogen fluoride and carbonyl fluoride

And my jan 27 post shows they’re both toxic to humams in certain levels.


Yes, avoid heat or make solvent residue test to make sure no residual solvent in the extract. You can put the extracts in a roto to go under ppm limits, it is in a gas at room temperature at normal pressure


@cyclopath & @Dred_pirate … gotta say, I love you guys!! what an awesome exchange. Love the support!!

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