Questionable motives

So found out my co-worker is stealing. There’s a guy above him who is our investor. I extract and my co-worker steals all the extra yield I produce to better the company. Any idea ls what I should do? All the fuckin yields are under 3.5% on even fire ass bud

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Take exhaustive pics with dates so they know YOU’RE not the one that’s stealing. Nobody says you gotta snitch on him but when the ball is rolling for you at least have the ammunition to show them it wasn’t your fault. Like straight up ‘pyrex on the scale’ type shots so there’s undeniable proof.


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The option is still there, I don’t believe it will be deleted though but you could edit it so it’s unrecognizable. Either way, i’d say just protect yourself with info so the powers that be know you weren’t stealing should it come to any situation where you have to prove your innocence.

I honestly make this a part of my standard practice when processing anything so if there’s any customer complaints I can just go to my handy dandy logbook and say ‘Wellllllllllllllll…you gave me total rabbit food to process and it came out at XX% so look in the mirror for the answer to your complaints’.


Pull your co-worker aside… And explain to him that he is fucking with your money and lovely hood by ripping off the customer. And that if he dosent stop, you will fucking beat the living shit out of him, or tell the boss. His choice.

If your not going to be a gangster, your better be a rat nothing worse than a theif.


Record anything you do with sound and video. I keep both at both my stores. Exactly zero employees have talked their way out of video and audio proof. One obtained a felony charge due to the amount that was taken.


Telling the boss can be interpreted as ratting. Personally, I’d fire you both if I found out you knew about it and didn’t say anything. Probably going as far as asking the cops to charge you as his co conspirator…


This ain’t the black market, this is corporate cannabis. Report him to your superior or risk getting blanket fired with your co-worker while trying to explain retroactively that you’re not responsible. You have no reason to protect theft in the company and not saying something, at least to me, is tantamount to allowing it to happen.

It’s the company’s job to build a case. Idk what setting this is taking place in but I had cellphone policies at my lab that were emergency use only - aka sending pictures of malfunctioning equipment to management who isn’t present or reporting emergencies. It’s better to report and let the company do what it sees fit rather than acting as an investigator and liaison for HR.


For this to be possible, your company either has woefully inadequate batch production records, or they’re being forged.

If you have concrete proof, report him and suggest a method of improving the records to prevent it in the future.

If you do not have concrete proof, report that yields going out the door are a fraction of the yields off the extractor. Suggest a method that will find where the losses are occurring during post processing.


This. Knowing that someone is stealing and not saying something is stealing.


From my short time in debate:

Silence is compliance


Dont be a rat, give him some rope, stand back and watch him hang himself. Ya know, Put the left overs in a place you know he is likely to take it and make sure the boss knows its there, sit back and wait for him to cut his own throat. Fuck I hate thieves


This is a good way to be fired as an accomplice


How ?

You play the role as the boss, after I told you that there was 122grams on the packaging table and to watch it not stay there …

I dont have to rat out my coworker and if your my boss you know that I Notified you for a reason, im just not saying the reason out loud.


I’d still fire you too…

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lol and thats exactly why good people leave this industry, isnt it.


Being fired is better than getting shot or stabbed by some loser coworker or his sketchy friends


I think its funny how you both would shoot the messenger

Bad management practices.


That’s kind of a weird work around for not being a “rat”, I’d imagine the conversation going like:

Hey bossperson I need you to look at this platter that I left in this location and be sure to watch it between the hours of 2:30 and 3:00pm. Can’t tell you why but just do it.

That’s still ratting or snitching with extra steps.


I’m saying ratting can get u hurt, even if it’s corporate cannabis