Question RE: CAT X1000D

Some backstory - we’ve been mixing terpenes with distillate for cartridges by what I’ve come know as a pretty ghetto method - hot plate stirrer. My process has been to mix 200-300g of distillate with 5-10% by weight terpenes. Process has been to heat disty to 60-70C and stir with mag stir bar at the fastest rotation possible for 1-2 hours.

One issue I’ve had with this method is that it darkens the oil considerably. Kind of hard to see in the picture below, but the jar on the left had terpenes mixed by this method and the jar on the right has only been heated enough to transfer to jar from round bottom flask after SPD.

The other issue that is evident by test results, is that this method does not properly homogenize the terpenes with the distillate.

So it seems like the CAT X1000D is the best solution for our budget. A dual axis centrifuge sounds awesome, but is out of our budget.

So a couple questions. If you have used both methods (hotplate stirrer and homogenizer) did switching to the homogenizer result in a better (lighter) color for your distillate?

From what I’ve read, to use the homogenizer the distillate needs to be heated to ~60-70C. But since the homogenizer mixes things so much faster, the residence time at the heat is considerably less. So does that result in a lighter color in your experience? I recall reading somewhere (can’t find thread now) that some people have had the opposite effect - homogenizer resulted in a darker distillate? Not sure why that would be the case.

Other question, if you have a CAT X1000D, what dispersing tool do you have? It seems like the the V type generator (for viscous materials) is correct. T20 V generator is the one I’m leaning towards. Are any others recommended for this application? From what I understand, the G20 tools are mainly just for using with a batch flow reactor? Can’t imagine we will ever need to mix such large batches. Are there any other benefits of the G tools over the T type?

Also, the stands and clamp they sell for ~$200, is there any benefits to this over a more standard (and cheaper) stand and clamp?


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They shut down shop, probably because people realized you can buy their gear direct from the mfg for half the price


What manufacturer? I recall seeing a German site around here somewhere…

EDIT: Think I found it:

I was going to buy from Rose Scientific which is what comes up if you search CAT now. But this seems way cheaper. 680 euro which is = to $760 for the drive. Vs. $1500 from Rose scientific. They don’t seem to have shafts on their site tho.

Has anyone used this German site/company? How was the experience?

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Its too small to do what we do


Perfect, this is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for. Any thing else you mind telling me about the X1000? Currently our batch sizes are b/w 200-500mL of distillate. Most are ~250-300mL. Is that too small a volume to use with the X1000? Would I be better off with the X120? It seems that the X120 doesn’t have G blades, so perhaps not?

Any advice for cleaning the tools? I heard that can be a pain.

Thanks again!

Nope, you want an x1000 and g shafts. Forgo the digital function and get a second rod instead, because you have to clean after every use and emergencies sometimes happen.

  1. Fill your headspace in your jars with wine sealer, then toss them in the microwave. 1 minute per 100 ml works for us
  2. Weigh in your terps
  3. Put the homogenizer probe in your blend and mix
  4. Clean the homogenizer

Awesome, much appreciated! Thanks!!

Tall form beakers help when using smaller volumes


Test tubes are the thinnest of containers but need caution while mixing!!!

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Probably, I actually just went through the whole process of ordering from the manufacturer so if anyone needs any help or advice just let me know! Gladly willing to share my experience

PLEASE HELP ME! I sent an email and never heard back

Send me a PM and I’ll give you the rep I used name and email.

Heads up though, it’s not as simple as just using a debit/credit card.

Idk about you guys but that CAT seemed waay to powerful to me. Used it once and put it back in box. I just envisioned me shattering the beaker or something. I’m no guru or anything but do have a buncha experience, I had better luck with color when doing small batches of 100g or less… Major pia if your trying to bang out a few thousand a day though.

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Ill buy that cat from you

better luck with color? I do 50g batches so I’m wondering

I’m not sure what your asking or stating here?

I got one for you

Got two maybe ._.

I would really appreciate buying a cat homogenizer if anyone is letting one go