Putting CRC in material column

If I have a sintered disc the same size as my material column, why can’t I either put the filtration media at the top of the column to run down with the solvent or just simply put the whole CRC operation right at the bottom of the column?


Don’t put it at the top, that makes no sense. But you can absolutely put them at the bottom of your material column. As long as your filtration is done correct, you’re good to go!


At the bottom as in under the packed material? I imagine it would be a pain in the ass to empty the column without making quite a mess. Ive thought about it as well, when I got the system from xd i was told the system came w crc column, but in reality its just a sintered disk that holds maybe 100g total of powders w a screened gasket above it then material column on top of that. Im interested in what others say. If im not mistaken i remember reading about another member that does this(packing powders inside material column) if i rememebr the thread ill lonk it or dm you. :v:


I put crx in the bottom, that stuff makes it super easy because it’s coarse not powder. I got some equipment from a buddy that was using b80 and he was straight packing in the column and he had a couple nightmare situation. Pressure blow out of b80 every where. Needless to say he quite blasting and I got the equipment which was a Bitch to clean, took me week to do so.


I’ve put my filter stack at the bottom of my material column before. My advice if you take this route. Place a 20um disc between material and powder. First, it reduces the chance of blowback from your powders into material, second it creates a pressure drop immediately prior to your filter which will make it easier to not clog.


Why would a pressure drop prevent clogging?

Yea sounds like the opposite

Pressure drop immediately before the powders would slow flow and prevent channeling which could lead to a clog.

That’s just my off the cuff assumption of why it works out.


Nice! I get it

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Ive ran it in the column with great results, just add a few 1/4 cups or whatever your material to powder ratio is and ive even blended it in with the material. I just had it go thru a 1 micron felt depth filter.


They ware originally designed to go on the bottom of the material column actually :joy:

Those are the ones that have the bypass built in so you could reclaim without disturbing your powders and reuse the cake

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everytime ive channeled ive seen an increase in flow…

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I’m just going to use activated carbon as my example. I was thinking that potentially it would just a mix and with the solvent as it rushed into the system so that it would just work its way down with the solvent and maybe also the turbulence would help sort of shaking around so to speak inside the material so that also you didn’t just have a thick layer of powder that could potentially Clump up and channel or create a blockage like some people complain about what their regular CRC method. I’m honestly not sure about this though I would like to know. I could be way off

Like @samurai I think I’ve only ever seen increased flow from channeling. Not suggesting your wrong, because I do struggle with some clogging issues occasionally, but why would channeling cause a clog in your eyes?

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Oh I was just saying that I don’t want paneling in the cic OR clogging basically I guess.

Hmm, it seems to me that any time I’ve had a clog in the past, I’ve seen channels upon disassembly of the filter stack…but what you are saying makes more sense.

So, perhaps another benefit of lowering pressure prior to the filter stack is that the fluid flow will be more laminar at lower pressure, leading to a more consistent flow through powder.

Looks like I’m just straight incorrect on the channeling thing though. Oops!


So just wanting to confirm the general consensus is that we can pack it at the end of our columns? I ordered some B80 and was going to try and pack it on top of my sintered filter plate with a mesh triclamp gasket above that.


General consensus is yes.


Use filter paper above the sintered disc, b80 has sub 1um particles that will fuck your machine if it sneaks by. Pack b80 hard and don’t dare break the cake.


What do you mean by break the cake?