Pure Extracts PE120

Does anyone here have any experience with this equipment?
It seems like if it actually performs as advertised it’s a pretty decent value proposition.


I have one, what would you like to know?

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Are you the former ethanol extractor who picked one up from them?
Does it work as well as they claim?
Can you actually do 120lb/hr without an issue?
What’s the resulting crude quality like?
Do you have issues with hydrocarbon contamination/extracts coming out red/orange instead of amber?
Basically, do you think it’s worth the money/would you buy one again?

We are receiving ours on the 16th hopefully so we will update you here. I feel this machine has been over stated. Originally when we purchased this machine we did so with the expection of been able to do 2k + lbs per day running 3 shifts but now it looks like maybe we can do 1000 in 3 shifts. On the website it clearly says it does 120lbs per hour with a 1 hour cycle time. Indra said it would fit 80 comfortably and the name PE120 has nothing to do with the it running 120lbs per cycle. Apparently the first few machines didn’t have a second recovery pump and so the recovery was taking multiple hours. Now my machine is said to have the second recovery pump so now I’m just waiting.

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We still run ethanol extraction as well as running the PE-120. The products that this machine produces is absolutely amazing. Shatter, Live Resin and crude. There is noting that this machine cant do. Preprocessing of your material is critical. The perfect grind is about the size of crushed pepper. If your product is properly prepped you can get 120 pounds in to it. We are still working out all the kinks with the machine, it gets faster every day.


Looks like their site is down :tired_face:


Yeah it’s been down for a while. They’re going to be exhibiting a machine at the emerald cup for anyone that’s in the area and wants to check it out. I wanted to but looks like it’s not happening for me this time around.

I’ll be there - I’ll look them over and report back after the weekend.


How many lbs are you running in a 8 hour shift ? And how long does it take for you to process one full 120lb run from loading the machine to all solvent being fully recovered and machine emptied

New site:

I spent at least an hour grilling the owner and his son as well as speak with the owner of the unit that was there on display (he’s hauling it away to his lab after the cup and was stoked to give me the inside scoop).
The total cost is $500k for everything - they will also set you up with regular delivery of a tane-blend owner has been using for maximum solubility… It’s a custom 3-solvent blend that runs $3600 for 1000lbs tank,No idea if that’s a good deal as I don’t extract with Hydrocarbons.
There were a few features I found to be interesting:

  1. The cone shaped material vessel promotes full saturation of material as opposed to columns - it’s also dimple jacketed which makes it look like a giant strawberry - wonder if you could powder coat it red :sunglasses:
  2. The spray nozzle for solvent opperates at 22psi and produces an ultra-fine mist - the 36cfm recovery pump runs simultaneously - as the solvent is forced through the biomass there is great heat exchange and the entire vessel temp drops to approx -50°C. It’s essentially a giant freezer coil with a biomass chamber which elliminates the need for chillers!
  3. Continuous opperation with the ability to daisy-chain multiple cone material pots together empty one while running the other (definitely can run thousands of pounds per day this way).
  4. Ease of cleanup - The cauldron sits on a pivot and the lid comes off with the help of a crane (included), once the lid is off, you tilt the giant strawberry on it’s side and dump all the spent biomass out.
  5. Everything is PSI and ASME certified - ready for any licenced type-7 facility. The whole plant is ran from a central control panel.

Very impressed. If I had half a mil lying around I would definitely grab one of these for large-scale hydrocarbon extraction!


That’s a pretty good deal on solvent, that’s how much 500 lbs costs

Awesome, thanks for the input. If I had 700,000 Canadian pesos kicking around I think I’d pick one up too.


We have been running the PE-120 for about 4 months now, this is what it can do.

120 pounds of material can fit into the upper vessel, only if it is ground properly. You want a grind similar to course ground black pepper.

Solvent type, we do not use a three solvent blend. This machine should never ever have propane in it. We use a 70\30 iso and N butane mix.

This machine needs to be in a C1D1 compliant room for the state of California. This will increase your cost.

Run time, now this is still being dialed in. Our machine was the first one to be set up and put into operation. The secondary recovery pump that you saw on the show unit is not yet on mine. With the new recovery pump the recovery time will be down around the 1-1.5 hour range. Currently we are at a 2 hour recovery time.

Loading and prep time, 15min
Shower and Fill time 7min
Soak time(only for crude) 7min
Recovery time 2hrs I get my new pump next week

Right now we are at 2.5-3hour full cycle time. This time next week I expect that time to be down to the 1.5 hour time.

I love this machine, it is by far the safest BHO system I have ever seen.
So far I have made
Live resin
Hemp Seed Oil
a shit ton of crude for distillate.
This machine has made some of the best most beautiful and flavorful shatter and live resin I have ever seen. The color and the clarity of the shatter is amazing. I will post photos next week of everything we have made, john posts a lot of my photos on his Instagram account. The only bad thing about this machine is the state of California, the requirements for the room construction is very expensive.


6 pounds of live resin from 2 runs with the PE-120



Good day! Any updates on this puppy that you would like to share ?

Wow. I wonder how long it would take to get your money back after facility costs, operations and hardware. That seems like an insane amount of cash.

It’s certainly not the cheapest way to process 60 lb/hr. I suppose it gives you some versatility on product types though.

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how does it compare it to an ETS? any other companies making systems with push button operation?

Any updates on this topic?