Looking for experienced tech using PURE EXTRACTION CO2 .

I have a client who purchased a small 1-2 lb CO2 extractor from “Pure Extraction” out of (Vancouver?) Canada. The story I am getting is the company flew one of their guys out, put together the machine, and did a day or two of training with my clients. Additional training and support were expected but COVID hit and as we know, a lot of international trade and services were halted.

During that time, the company was apparently bought by another party. Seeking additional support, my clients continued with the original owner/engineer as well as the company. The original owner however was subpoenaed by the new owners of Pure Extraction and so my clients could no longer get help from the original owner.

The problem with this is the tech support from the new owners appears to only have knowledge of the automated systems only. My clients not only run the passive system, but it appears that the model they have was not even sold on the market (at least not openly advertised). There was not a user manual for it, they were given a user manual for the scaled up model as a generic handbook for the system.

@TeachandTech Sounds like you have some experience using these am I correct?

@powderskierman Do you have any operations manuals or model literature?


are You Refering to Pure Extraction CO2 extractor https://www.pureextraction.com Pure_Extraction_July_2018_eMail.pdf (1.0 MB)
, Or the Pure Extractor PE 120L www.thepureextractor.com (dead link)117D2A Pure120L 20171260.pdf (2.2 MB)
built by UAGC which was Indra’s hydrocarbon system?
Ones hydrocarbon (butane) and the other is CO2. the Pure Extracts Co2 system came in 2L, 5L 10L sizes, thePureExtractor came in 120L+
I have a small amount of experience with both (consulting), and might be able to help, or at least direct you to someone with experience with them. Neither company had digital user manuals, certifications ect. but it can be figured out. Neither are recommended as a beginners machine (due to finnicky valves and electronics) and both companies have had leadership turnover, but both can work in some capacity. the PE120 can blast large volumes(40-60kg/batch), but lacks the inline filtration; while the Pure Extracts Co2 system can extract small volumes (sub critically) but lacks the pressure rating and thermal regulatory capacity for supercritical CO2 extraction.


Yes! This is tremendous help. Thank you! I believe it is one of these three Pilot model systems at 2.5L, most likely the PE-CO2-2.5L-O since it is the only non-automated system.

And thank you for differentiating their hydrocarbon from their CO2 models. I have experience with a few other CO2 brands which took me time to optimize as well.

I need to play around more with the system. The procedure given to my clients is pretty damn sad. From my experience both operating and studying how these machines work, they all should function the same, regardless of the standard operating procedure and the system designs. Understandably, there may be some limitations due to design and model specifications.

Yea should and Could, but if their as delicate as a matchbox car and marketed as a Enzo… yea
btw, Pure Extractions and The Pure Extractor are different groups / companies producing different equipment using diff solvents built by third party shops on opposite coasts of the continent. confusing I know,
I am assuming its a PE-CO2 2.5- so it can preform Sub critical CO2, and should preform near critical extraction well, which can be useful in terpenoid fractionation, but as the system is limited on its pressure rating, cooling capacity and pump flow rate, it wont be able to extract as quickly as the higher pressure systems with more robust pumps & chillers. the chillers will be the limiting factor IME, so having them well ventilated will allow cooling of the ScCO2 / SbCO2 into Liquid CO2 before the solvent is sent to the pump (pump is designed for liquid CO2, if the CO2 is still super critical / gas it will damage the pump seals.
IME, I was brought in to consult a PECO2 5L system that had been bought used, and we had to systematically disassemble, clean and reassemble the whole system to remove the extract that had flooded the separator, rectifying filter, and pump lines. we were able to pressurize it, and get a sub critical run in, but as the chiller was in the room with the extractor, we could not cool the area enough to offset boosting the temp into the Supercritical range. that said, I have seen a decent terpene fraction come out of the system, as well as some decent HTE that was made by the PECO2- 5L system.

Surprisingly, the chiller is pretty sound and is located outside.

This is my first time using a manual system in addition to cooling the CO2 to liquid state before moving it in the storage tank. When it is stored and then released in the rest of the system, I am wondering if we can close off the storage tank once the system is pressurized with enough CO2. If it is looping back into that storage tank, we are probably running into issues of the solvent converting between phase changes. Obviously, this is how it works when the flow of the solvent moves from the extraction vessel, to the separation heat exchange, to the separation vessel, but the difference between those temperatures (and pressures too) is no more than 25 C. The temperature of the storage tank for the compressed CO2 liquid I believe is around 0C which could explain issues we are running into with reaching set temperature points of the various vessels.

Super critical does do that, got to have plenty of spare gaskets and seals to swap in and out. My clients pump just ceased up as well, one more thing to figure out.

Once the system is full, and recirculating to and from the accumulator, the storage tank can be isolated. if your system does not have an accumulator (onboard storage tank) than your stuck using the storage cylinder as the accumulator

make sure the temps are measured, as there are parts of the system that need to be above the triple point (Ie above the boiling point between the separator and rectifying filter, below the BP after the Rectifier condenser, and before the pump. between pump and accumulator needs to be liquid (pump can only pump liquid, if your pump is seized, you prob got either extract into it, or ScCO2 which damaged your seals) so disassembly, cleaning & seal replacement will likely be needed.

I’ve built 3 CO2 systems from scratch and I live on the island.

If worse comes to worst I can likely offer a consult?


If this is the case, we probably can turn the chiller temp up (or off) since all the solvent is not isolated in the storage tank. I’ll have to double check the system design again but this is probably the case. I’m almost positive though that this is the problem we are running into with respect to reaching set temp points for the heat exchange and separation vessel.

I’m sure it is one of those two. My clients have already experience the destructive properties that scCO2 has on the gaskets. I appreciate the info, you have been a real help.

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I appreciate that and will consider taking you up on that offer. I’ll have to circle back with my clients. They may have a good case for a lawsuit on their hands, hopefully it does not have to come to that though.

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Well if you rack up my billables it’s proof of loss :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Going in tomorrow to take this bitch apart and put back together, wish me luck @McWest :joy: