PTFE material sleeve to replace socks

So I have some good ideas and need help bringing to market Or just to the people a ptfe material sleeve that works like filter socks only better. Any input is appreciated

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I like it for under 100

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Better options available: PTFE is expensive and not very strong. Duda diesel and others sell stainless mesh socks that work pretty well once you break them in. Kind of a bitch to clean though



=> hot dog water?!?


and now we’re back to talking about bonfire-powered things



Cleaning SS socks in place by doing a “sock extraction” and sending that “sock wash” to distillate doesn’t seem like near as much of a stretch…I’ve seen it done for mesh socks.

Heard tell of “ball wash” => distillate…for the fats/waxes/thc stuck on the SS ball bearings in ones dewaxer.

If you’ve ever seen a 600 mesh SS sock thats been run at 15ksi, trust me when I say fire is necessary lol

Fun story actually: I once had to explain to one of our 300lb Haystack Calhoun looking technicians that a surefire way to tell a column hasn’t been run long enough is when there’s enough residual oil gluing the sock to the column that he could lift one end of the 6000lb extractor off the floor by it.


Well then. Yep I’ll take your word for it. Direct distillation from socks it is :thinking:


I suppose the OP is probably not trying to come up with a solution to my specific problems with his socks but maybe “direct distillation of cellulosic material” is what I actually need

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I love the stainless idea as well but more of a tube/long skinny basket of sorts load em and yank em out.

The trick with anything not “form-fitting” is avoiding channeling around the creases in the outside of the sock/basket. Using plates/frits that seal to the ID with an o ring at regular intervals is the best option we’ve found other than literally running the socks through the washing machine a fuckload of times until they form to the inside of the vessel well.


Exactly why if you did a solid thin ss tube that would slide perfectly into you mat tube possibly with the top gasket somehow integrated into it maybe with a really thin ptfe coating on the outside for ease of sliding it?? I really hate socks. I agree with the channeling. Gotta get away from that.

@Roguelab has pointed out that metric tubing fits quite nicely inside the tubes we use on a number of occasions

Eg Tricks of the trade - #25 by Roguelab

I will be working on a solution to this if anyone has any ideas? I will check the metric sizing chart.

We have customers using mesh bags and re-use them after cleaning. In addition, you can get PTFE media bag filters now that can be cleaned, expensive however. As others have pointed out, we also carry stainless steel mesh liners for bag housings. Many options for cleaning. Thank you Greg

They also got ptfe coated stainless!!

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I would love to use some of your products. How can I get some and see if I can make what I’m looking for with your stuff?

Can you email me? that way we can start a dialog, quotes, etc. Thank you,