Psilocybin therapy for Benzo withdrawal syndrome

Had a friend hit me up for help. They haven’t taken Benzodiazepines it in more than two years, and still seem to be in the throes of withdrawl syndrome. Not unheard of, and no fun at all according to the all knowing one.

Rather than just hooking her up with a source of the raw ingredients, which I’m not clear would be helpful, I’m looking for someone in the SF Bay Area who can guide her through this.


After 2 years it probably not a withdrawal symptom. Sounds like it may be permanent nervous system damage paired with psychological issues.

She should probably seek professional medical help from people with experience in this.

Not to say that psilocybin can’t help certain things, I just would t be giving people with issues possibly more issues. Hallucinogens aren’t a cure all like weed. Intense experiences can worsen anxiety.


Benzos are rough to quit, could still be PAWS this far out. Having been down that road I can say that you never really feel the same after, but hash oil and abstaining from alcohol were the biggest helpers for me. I couldn’t really tolerate drinking for 2-3 years after quitting


exactly. I’m looking for recommendations for professionals exploring this approach.


You are a good friend.


She might want to consider some low does kava on the really bad days?

It does affect the same receptors without the physical addiction. However, I’d be super cautious, as a relapse into addiction isn’t really a path we’d want to roll with either.

Maybe ibogaine? I’ve heard good things.

But if it’s still echoes of a damaged system it might be a bigger fix than psychedelics.


What I really need is pointers (via DM probably) to folks who are exploring just a little ahead of the regs.

I don’t believe she qualifies for any of the current clinical trials, and “integration therapy” requires exploring on ones own then asking your guide “what the #^<€*<€ did that mean?”, which strikes me as non-ideal.


@ataraxi I ll see to it he chimes in on this subject he might have some relevant answers

If she can’t get some professional advice. I’d say:

Start with microdosing daily, do it for a few weeks, see if it helps anything.

If that doesn’t help, try a macro dose (start low, maybe 1g), once every 7-14 days and see if there’s any results, while continuing the micro dose.

If that still does nothing, then increase the macro dose size (probably not frequency), to a “strong” dose (2-4g).

During all of this keep a detailed journal; self reflection and careful mindfulness is often just as important to a therapy than the medium of therapy itself.

Also, if she starts feeling some aspects of “depersonalization” or “derealization” or a sense of mental or physical detachment. I’d discontinue the therapy. Long term frequent pyschadelic use has its own sets of issues.

Are the withdrawal symptoms primarily physical? Or are there strong mental aspects to it as well? There should be some trained therapists in SF who work with psychedelics. Her local MAPS chapter might be of assistance.


Neurological. Which is why I’m looking for pointers to pro’s.

Just fyi, the technical/mathmateical part of my brain is still severely damaged…I have issues comprehending even technology I used to know very well.

I literally only began being able to count to 100 by 2s without getting lost or confused a couple months ago.


Oh fuck, that sounds terrible.

Psilocybin has been known to forge some new neurological connections. Maybe there’s something in there.

You might need to go further up the coast or something if there’s nothing local.

Good luck


I’m going to have to go with @tweedledew on this one. I have micr-dosed mushrooms for roughly two years for PTSD/Clinical Depression. It was a life changer for me. I’m behind a push for the VA to start clinical trials. They’re starting Ketamine Therapy trials, so I think Psilocybin is the next logical step.


I ran your friends problem by my wife during dinner tonight, leaving out the mushroom part. She had the same responce as me. Puzzled over the two year issue with this particular substance. However I do recognize the posibleility of this happening. She had the same follow up question as I had.
What was the original diagnosis that benzos where required?

I’m all for PTSD Pt taking micro doses. Im Totally against giving them enough to do full doses. Man, I have witnessed full doses turning folks lives around for the good. Iv seen socially hermits come out of there shells
, more than one time. I have also felt the pain, loss, and heartbreak of lossing loved ones to shrooms. Loved ones that were way more experienced than me. Careful my friend!


Losing loved ones to shrooms? Explain

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My best friend for years, tried to recruit me to grow shrooms. He was way more versed than I, on consumption of the fungi. This dude had a substances problem, he could never get enough, of what ever it was. We had a rule of one months abstaining from tripping when there was a good band or another good cause to attend. Well on the 31 days out from our annual concert he was killed. He walked into on coming traffic, on the Interstate highway, he was hit by three vehicles back to back…earlier that day he begged me to come over to trip…because it was our last chance before our annual. This was years ago, I still cant do full doses. That’s all I think about. I did 7 grams right after… fucking the demons are still in my head…ohh


That’s insane. Don’t really don’t know what to say.


I get it


I’m sorry for your loss,
Just gotta say , set and setting much?
Hugelely important imo


Social Anxiety that eventually progressed to full blown Agoraphobia I believe. I don’t know which benzo’s or for how long, but know that she had to be pried out of an apartment that had been sold at one point, and assume they were prescribed at that time.

Giving her unsupervised access to full doses doesn’t sit well with me either.