Propane VS N-Butane extraction


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I havent seen this addressed Anywhere.

So my question is if mixes of different tanes/propane. if They have different boiling point. Wouldnt they separate in the tane bottle and come out at different times also. So if you weren’t using all the tane in your bottle wouldnt the mixture be different.

Like if i were to buy a tank of 70/30 and was topping off a smaller bottle.


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I see how this would apply if you blended yourself and used everything in the bottle you blended.

So im wondering if a 22lb bottle of 7030 is 15.4 lbs and 6.6lbs. Wouldnt the propane come out first until the 6.6lbs was gone .


If you are allowing your solvent to evaporate out of your tank and condense in your extraction vessel then yes. However, if you’re flowing solvent out of the liquid dip tube then it will come out at whatever ratio the liquid is in inside the tank.


I just thought that the different boiling points would would cause a different resting temp of each which would cause layering


Nah, they totally miscible with each other regardless of pressure and temp. Of course, butane might start freezing before propane does.


Cool very good to know. I picked up 7030 n and was thinking i might need to pull out the propane in a different tank.
Yep i start reading stuff and confused myself


Good shit. I’m just trying to switch over to straight ntane right now from 70/30, I’ll let you know how it goes.