Propane and lipids

my intuition tells me that propane picks up less lipids/waxes etc. then butane. molecule size and all that. does anybody have empirical evidence of this?

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I believe propane picks up less of everything.


Pics up terps pretty good


I guess what i’m hoping for is the solubility for cannabinoids doesn’t decrease as much as solubility of lipids does. if both decrease evenly then it’s a wash switching to propane for this purpose.

70/30 for life


You are correct, propane does not have the same affinity for fats, as butane does. It will still grab them, but not nearly as much. Which is why most propane extracts come out lighter


The original crc



Which ones though? All of them equally? I’ve often felt pho has a homogenous aroma profile across a good spread of strains

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And the vapor is the first nitro


That would be correct.

And with that, I always found that to be a problem. If I was using it to push my cold butane around, I would now be introducing propane, in small amounts, which would build up, to my non propane blend. In turn, changing my extraction efficacy and end product. My only thought was to bleed the extra propane out of the system to mitigate that issue, but now we’re just venting gas. Which, aren’t we supposed to not be doing this regularly. And ya you can have a vent hose leading directly to the laminar, but I was never convinced on using this idea

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I haven’t ran butane since the crude days so more propane hasn’t been a problem for me, but i can see how it could be. I had to play the line of enough iso but not to much to change the psi differential in the tank and system. Love propane, best imo for my process.

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I like my butane to be “normal”. Now, if we can actually get “normal” butane, that would be marvelous


Theoretically speaking, propane is less polar than butane and would be expected to be a better solvent toward smaller organics (terpenes) and worse one against larger surface area organics like fats/waxes. This is because of the greater london dispersion forces experienced between the solvent and large molecules.


Hank Hill:



How often do you have problems with the cleanliness of your propane?

Just would do the usual distillation til clean, didn’t do diamonds so the fast crash wasn’t as apparent to me. Would see it when the iso blend got higher, it would be crashing out in the honeypot.

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I was thinking more like residual mercaptans. I found 70/30s were closely linked to foul odors that made their way into products on occasion. Hence why I’m adamantly anti 70/30… and the whole not keeping the ratio thing.

I have separate tanks of both, add what and when as needed or wanted. Blends are pointless in my opinion, you end up doing what i did anyway. Its only that ratio once. No mercaptans that ive noticed, have had bad smell gas before but not any time in the last few yrs


You ever think that everyone uses 70/30 to the point of it pretty much being an industry standard and what you were smelling wasn’t the gas but the sulfur sprayed on the plants?

There are no mercaptan